Why can seeing old members from the ward, even after a couple of years, be so bizarre an experience?

by derrida May 2012

Went out to lunch with ds [dear son] and dd dear daughter] and lo and behold as I enter the restaurant I hear a "Well hi Brother Derrida!"

Church falsifies US membership numbers for national survey

Simon in Oz May 2012

According to a Peggy Fletcher Stack article in the Salt Lake Tribune, the LDS Church has grown by 45% in the last decade or about 4.5% per year. What an utterly amazing growth rate! But it is completely false. Two days later the church admits "an error" after all the media has already used the misleading information. It takes more faith to believe in the Mormon Church's statisticians than the Mormon prophets.

Meldrum's mtDNA X lineage claims vapourized

by Simon in Oz Apr 2012

In 2010 Rodney Meldrum appeared in a DVD documentary "Lost Civilizations of North America" where he promoted his flawed X lineage theories. The documentary was produced by Mormons and is clearly intended to give scientific credibility to Meldrum's theories by including several short interviews with respected scientists who have studied North American Indian tribes.

How has assisted your exodus from the Church?

by Lizard Apr 2012

I'm writing a virtual ethnography paper for my folklore class. I live in Logan, Utah, where almost everybody is LDS. I have to present the paper in class on Friday, and I'd love to get some individual participation and comments from members on this site. This site was hugely important to me while I was leaving the Church. I'd appreciate any comments you have to give!

Poisoning of Samuel H. Smith - Joseph Smith's Brother

by steve benson

--The Strange Death of Samuel H. Smith, Brother of Joseph Smith and Heir Apparent to the Assassination-Emptied Mormon Throne--

Is the Mormon church really greedy?

Just wondering what your guys thoughts are on this? I know a lot of people are angry at the apparent lack of charity when you look at the money spent vs estimated tithing earnings and dollars spent on malls, investments etc.

I am grateful for the clean-the-Mormon-chapel idea

deconverted2010 Apr. 2012

Thank you LDS cheapos, I would have never found the things I did about the church, had I not been looking for sympathetic ears to my resentment to clean the building and see the custodians retire or let go (I knew two of them personally). Thank you for letting me clean that December, as I did I kept on thinking why would the church be so cheap to let go of the custodians. That thinking led me to Google which led me to so much information I never knew existed. This all let me out. Maybe they were the best invested two or three hours of my life. =)

The Five Billion Dollar Mormon City Creek Mall Song

by anonofthis Apr 2012 [note: City Creek Mall cost was approximately $2 billion, $5 billion includes related development in SLC,]

Sing to When upon life's Billows...

When upon life's billows and you need to shop
When you are discouraged at the parking lots
Come to CITY CREEEEK,..... each and everyone
And it will surprise you what God's corp-or-ation's done

Cleaning the Mormon building, no longer volunteer!

by girlincognito Apr 2012

...because now, whether you like it or attend church or not, you will be *assigned* your cleaning time! Cause I wouldn't want to do anything else with my family at 8am on a Saturday, like I don't know, sleep.... and make sure you bring your own vacuum, too!

Why? Do mormons act like an ex mormon knows nothing about the teachings of the church?

by Mia Apr 2012

They act like you suddenly have no information or knowledge of the church once you decide t leave it.
Husband and I both went from teaching adult classes and attending the temple to being inactive within a week. Now there are members who talk to us like we know nothing about the church. The truth is, we are more knowledgeable than they are.

Any advice before I tell my wife I no longer believe in the church

by cantsayyet Apr 2012

I recently realized that mormonism is not true. I've decided to tell my wife, so if anyone has advice before I do it would be appreciated. By tell her, I mean pull up the list of Joseph Smith's wives on FamilySearch with some details about the circumstances of a few of them. Ideally, I would be able to convince her with this, but she is very rooted in mormonism, so I've come to terms that she might continue to believe.

"Mormons get their own planet"

"Then will they become Gods...they will never cease to increase and to multiply, worlds without end. When they receive their crowns, their dominions, they then will be prepared to frame earths like unto ours and to people them in the same manner as we have been brought forth by our parents, by our Father and God” Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 17:143

My mission president, under direction from Salt Lake, told us we needed to convert more men.

by forbiddencokedrinker Apr 2012

Actually, what he said was that we needed to concentrate more on finding more golden converts, which he described as those would be strong priesthood leaders. This was back in 1997, and the church was noticing that its teenage elders were really good at converting girls, welfare recipients, and crazy people, but not so good at finding future bishops. Easter Campaign - they sent me an email

by exmollymo Apr 2012

Mormon Church Easter Advertising Campaign - April 6-8, 2012 The amount of deception on their part infuriates me!

"OK, we know you don't believe, but PLEASE don't share your beliefs with your children" new

by Tauna Apr 2012

It's been a couple years since I came out as an unbeliever. 'Don't tell your kids' was almost the first thing I was told when I discussed my disbelief to family, church members, church leaders, etc. This was a huge red flag as I've always been told to be honest with my children.

"Not Sufficiently Converted" - Ouch!

by Changed Man Apr 2012

I was subjected to listening to Conference at home last weekend, and in the Saturday morning session, Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy stood up and spoke about being converted to the gospel. It was the normal fluff and crap, but I bristled when he said:
"We often wonder: How can someone be fully active in the Church as a youth and then not be when they are older?

Mitt Romney donated $10,000 to Prop 8


This may not hurt him while he is still fighting for the Republican nomination, but once he goes head to head with Obama, it will be a different story.

Mormon friend told me "I'm under influence of Satan" because I told her I no longer believe...

by mothermayeye Apr 2012

She emailed asked me where I was going to watch conference, I told her I wouldn't be watching it. She, of course, asked why (assuming I normally watched it which I don't lol) and I told her because I have recently learned some interesting thing about TSCC [this so called church] and I know it isn't true.

Fast Mormon Marriages

by jameswilmons Mar 2012

I had a friend during my short stint at BYU who was so desperate to get married she had a new 'target' guy each week. Finally one week she met a guy in her ward. They dated (made out) for three weeks. Then he drove her up to Washington state to meet his parents, at which point he proposed. She said yes, of course. This was THREE WEEKS after meeting!

Mormon Church Strengthening The Members Committee...

by Stumbling Mar 2012

In the recent BBC TV programme 'The Mormon Candidate', Reporter Michael Sweeney gained two senior confirmations of the current existence of this secretive (oops...sacred) sub-organisation within the Mormon Church. The two people directly asked about this secret Committee were Elder Jeffrey Holland and Senior Church PR Manager Michael Purdy.