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the Mormons across the street - seriously?


There is an older couple that live across the street from us, very TBM. Our relationship with them (and other mormons in the neighborhood) basically ended 2 years ago when my wife and I left. That's what happens I guess when you leave a cult.

Not sure how to respond... wife wants to attend christian church

ZSH Aug. 2014

So my wife posed a question last night that left me unsure of how I might proceed in the future... so I thought I'd come here for some advise. We left TSCC [this so called church] a year ago and have never been happier.

Living an authentic life

foggy Aug 2014

For the most part each piece of my life is pretty good right now, but I've discovered that the big underlying problem I have is one that probably many of you face as well.

In order to keep what on the surface seems to be a 'good' relationship with my family and DH's born-again-christian family, I pretty much have to keep my opinions to myself

Exit Timetable

TalesOfTheCalypso Jul 2014

I spent
25 active years in the church

How "recovered" are you? Is anyone 100% recovered?

Joy Mar. 2014

I seem to be stuck at about 80% recovered, but I can live with that. I was a BIC [born in the covenant], and had an abusive upbringing, in a GA [general authority] family. It took about 5 years for the anger to go away, but I still get angry at the Mormons' newest lies

Just found out the truth.

funeraltaters Jan. 2014

Hello everyone,

I've been following this site for the last few days and I've enjoyed hearing your stories and decided that I would like to participate. I'm a 29 year-old, multi-generational, BIC, pioneer-stock ex-mo. Like Nephi of old I was born to goodly parents and instructed in the ways of righteousness. The whole time I was growing up I never really questioned the church or its teachings.

Hey. I think I am finally recovered. For real.

kc Nov. 2013

A long time ago, probably in 2001 or so, I used to come here and read. I was questioning and the things I was reading on these boards were agitating me... making me doubt more. Making me angry that people here so smugly proclaimed it was NOT the True Church. I started trolling the boards... yes, I was pretty obnoxious and I guess it was my way of dealing with the internal conflict. Sorry for that

Funeral and anger

woodruff Nov. 2013

I have something to say. I am an ex in Australia who served in Bishoprics and High Councils, I left 5 years ago, and it sent shock waves when my wife and I left, as we were considered "faithful and good with the youth". Recently I was asked to attend a funeral of an elderly lds lady who was a neighbour of mine in my 20's. I liked her so I went alone to the funeral

I used tithing to pay off the house

evergreen June 2013

Instead of paying tithing the last 5 years, I saved the money and paid off the house this week. Woohoo!!!!!!!!