The Five Billion Dollar Mormon City Creek Mall Song

by anonofthis Apr 2012 [note: City Creek Mall cost was approximately $2 billion, $5 billion includes related development in SLC,]

Sing to When upon life's Billows...

When upon life's billows and you need to shop
When you are discouraged at the parking lots
Come to CITY CREEEEK,..... each and everyone
And it will surprise you what God's corp-or-ation's done

C....ount your mone...y, hundreds...fives and ones
C....ount your credit cards and see what sales are on
Ignore the home.......less outside the temple walls
Count how endless tithing had.... no effect at all.

Are you ever burdened with the lines at Gap
Do your bags seem heavy as you shop at Mr. Mac
C......ount your money... and GAZE up in the sky
Ask yourself why Condo prices... are so high.

When you shop at City Creek with diamonds and the gold
Think that Christ has promised you His wealth un....told
C-o-u-n-t your many blessings, with Credit on your side
No reward in heaven,... just this palace in the sky

So amid the conflict at the check out stands
Do not be discouraged at five billion spent
C...ount your many blessings at the tithing you sent in
Question not the leaders that would be co-mitt-ing sin

C.....ount your money, hundreds, fives and ones
C....ount your money and scorn-those that cannot come
C....ount the tithing... sent in by me and you
Count the money and ignore Mormon8 verse32

Are you ever burdened with a load of debt?
Does the cross seem heavy when you're tithed to death
Count your many blessings as your house is reposessed
And keep ever faithful in the state of most depressed.

So, amid the conflict whether great or small,
Do not be disheartened, God is owner of the mall;
Count... your many blessings, angels will attend,
Help and comfort give you till your shopping ends.

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Kendal Mint Cake
Re: The City Creek Song
Thanks for the laugh!

Kendal Mint Cake
Re: The City Creek Song
Well, I was laughing until I realized that I helped to pay for it with my tithing money.
Re: The City Creek Song
Are we singing to the tune of count your many blessings? Thats fab, lmao!
Don Bagley
Re: The City Creek Song
I love satire, and I love the City Creek lyrics. Well done...
Southern ExMo
Re: The City Creek Song
The lyrics are too good.

I had the strong urge to keep a death grip on my pocketbook the entire time I sang it.

Re: The City Creek Song
Well done thou good and faithful servant :)


Do I have permission to share this on facebook?

Re: The City Creek Song
This is so good! ;-)

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