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Desperate Mopologists Claim Ancient Bulgarian Gold-Plate Find Proves Book of Mormon

steve benson Aug 2012

Below is some predictable silly putty propaganda from an LDS outfit--calling itself the "Genesis Group" and marching under the heavenly banner of "Ancient America Foundation"--regarding a "gold plate book" found in (drum roll, please) Bulgaria--the famous landing spot, of course, for Lehi, Nephi and the rest of the original Mormon pioneer clan.

Utah #1 most depressed state, #7 in suicide rate.

politicaljunkie Aug 2012

Depression and suicide rates state by state.
"Utah was the most depressed state." 7th highest in suicide.

Anyone still going to church and just faking it?

Littlejules Aug 2012

I was just wondering why and how people who know the church isn't true continue to go...Especially those with leadership callings. I had a hard enough time just pretending with my family! Not sure I could have pulled it off in my ward.

Do I sit down with my husband and talk to him about it before I stop wearing Mormon garments

rainwriter Aug 012

I really don't like elephants in the room; they're uncomfortable for everybody, trying to skirt around them and not upset them, not knowing how to bring them up in conversation... But, I also don't know that I see myself sitting down with my husband and saying "I'm not going to wear garments anymore." How does/did this conversation happen with others?

Missions in dangerous areas

knotheadusc Aug 2012

The ladies on BBC are debating this right now.

I have to agree, if I had a son or daughter and they wanted to do a mission in a "dangerous" place. I'd be pretty nervous too. I think it's naive to rely only on faith.

Re: Missions in dangerous areas...

Why don't you come to church anymore (sob!!!!)

Utah county mom Aug 2012

Yesterday evening an old friend from the ward we live in came by to see how I was doing. She tried once again to dig into my heart and find out why the kids and I longer attend Church. I did not give her that information. I told her I was just fine--my job is going well, my kids are okay, etc. She said she respected my choices and then said in a tone of doom: it is your choice, Utah County Mom?

Depression better or cured after leaving Mormonism?

absolutelyunsure July 2012

So, with Utah using so many anti-depressants is there any proof, quantitative or anecdotal that shows when people leave the morg that their depression lessens or is cured? I am just looking for anything that might help some people very close to me.

Rude Mormons at an Ex-Mormon's funeral

motherfreaker July 2012

A former member of the church passed away last week and he left specific instructions that he was not to have an LDS funeral nor was there to be anyone from the church involved in his service. His ex-mo wife arranged to have the funeral at the local funeral home and his obituary was printed in the local paper with the day and time of his funeral listed.

Did You Remain Religious After Mormonism?

Ex-CultMember July 2012

After leaving Mormonism did you remain religious or did you become an atheist/agnostic. If you did remain religious, what religion or faith did you maintain and did you join any church or religious organization.

the sin next to murder

Another Day OlderJuly 2012

As most of you know, Mormonism teaches that consensual sexual sin (especially adultery, but also fornication, premarital sex, masturbation, etc.) is the sin next to murder

The Mormon Church is More Important Than You

blueorchid July 2012

Ever have one of those annoying people in your life that can turn any situation into being about them?

All of life's big events--birth, marriage, death---the TSCC [this so called church] is right there to steal the show. Just when it should be the most personal, the most intimate moment for family and friends, it is suddenly, inexplicably about them--the mormons. Their insinuation into these moments in life is no coincidence. It is control at it's finest.

Debate with a close ex-mo freind on whether Mormonism is a cult

Utah County Mom July 2012

Yesterday at a holiday get-together, my best freind, who is an ex-mo as well (and has been since we graduated from BYU together) and I debated whether Mormonism is a cult. Her extended family is still LDS

What are the exit costs of leaving the LDS church?

derrida July 2012

You can lose your family. But isn't that true of all religions?

Shunning. You can be shunned. But all religious communities do that, right?

Mormon Church's exagerated membership claim in Brazil

Luke June 2012

The results of the Brazilian 2010 Census were released today.

And lo and behold: self-identified Mormons in Brazil are only 226.509 !

And the cult boasts over 1 million! LOL

Being In Leadership Eventually Led To My Exit


Ironic isnt it?

I was one of the golden boys.

Dan Peterson - Mormon Apologist A Eulogy

Tal Bachman June 2012

For many ex-Mormons, the name of Dan Peterson elicits contempt. Maybe this is unfair. Maybe Dan, in person, is a great guy. But Dan has created, and then nursed, a very off-putting public persona for many years. Mormon head-counters will never know how many people struggling with their faith might have returned to church if, instead of being sarcastically berated by this so-called "defender of the church" for merely raising a concern in an online forum, they were heard out, patiently, or sensitively engaged. But, that was not Dan's style, at least in public. His own need to fuel his vanity by belittling others was always far more important to him than, say, a Christian duty to lovingly regather the lost sheep. For Dan, no matter what he enjoyed telling himself, it was only ever about him, and his own desperate need to feel smart, important, and powerful, at the expense of others.

"Mormon Studies Review" has been suspended, Danny Peterson is gone

steve benson June 2012

So acknowledges the Maxwell Institute in a news release dated 22 June 2012:

"The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship is continually striving to align its work with the academy's highest objectives and standards, as befits an organized research unit at Brigham Young University. . . .

"To better serve these goals, last year we renamed our venerable FARMS Review to Mormon Studies Review. For many years the FARMS Review has filled an important niche in the intellectual life of its many readers under the vigorous editorship of Professor Daniel C. Peterson and his associates .

Coffee equals heroin?

silverwing66 June 2012

So I was just talking to my mom as she was getting ready for church (thank my Pagan gods she's not making me go with her today). I mentioned that the first time I tried coffee was last year at school when my nevermo friend offered me some. When I said this, my mom looked so disappointed and replied, "It's a good thing he didn't have any heroin for you to try, too."

This is so offensive to non-Mormons on many levels - Mormon Temple Marriage and the outside ring ceremony

by Joe Laban June 2012

Ok, I was searching the Internet and came across this commercial LDS wedding site about ring ceremonies. Here are the low-lights. I capitalized the offensive words or phrases. A take-off of a Mormon funeral. Please let me now your thoughts...