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Thoughts on Bruce R. McConkie

64monkey May 2014

I just got done reading some quotes form Bruce R. and my conclusion is he was truly just a racist. Hardly a man called of a loving God into a so called true church.

Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth ...

steve benson May 2014

--Oliver Cowdery: Supposedly Devoted Follower of Mormonism--Who Died with a Decidedly Anti-Mormon Side--

**From Partner and Producer, to Hated and Excommunicated

How the "Restored" Church of JC's "Volunteer" Saints Has Paid Its Top Dogs

steve benson Mar 2014

The notion that Mormon Inc.--from its earliest days--has supposedly been a "lay ministry" is a line that has been laid bare as a lie. Let's run the numbers (as well as run through some of the relevant historical facts) to show exactly how this scam has been spun.

The "God's-prophets-are-imperfect-humans" line won't save the Mo God . . .

steve benson Dec. 2013

. . . from himself.

It is important to keep in mind historically-contexualized facts when Mormon Church apologists who--when confronted with the ugly realities of racist LDS Church doctrine, policy and practice--attempt to shrug off this foundational Mormon Church behavioral problem as being nothing more than the understandable foibles of the Mormon Church's imperfect human "prophets."

A friend of mine mentioned Uchtdorf - Conference Oct. 2013

steve benson Oct 2013

I was walking into the office this morning and passed a co-worker on the sidewalk--a lapsed Mormon who hasn't been a believer for years. As we greeted each other, he asked, "Did you watch Conference?"

I smiled and replied, "No. I don't do that anymore."

He responded with his own smile, "Uchtdorf said the leaders of the Church have made mistakes and that that doesn't mean people who criticize them have sinned."

Elder Oaks spoke in Atlanta today - here is my report

AtlantaAnonMember Oct. 2013

Elder Oaks opened the meeting by saying the number of missionaries has recently increased by close to 50% and the church doesn't exactly know how to keep them busy. He mentioned that this is a particular concern for North America, not necessarily the rest of the world. He referenced the missionary age change as a revelation from the lord.

Hinckley's Record as a Prophet

steve benson June 2013

From the Flip-Flop-It "Prophet":

Gordon B. Hinckley defends historic doctrinal Mormon racism but says he doesn't understand the basis for it.

Plus, other GBH gems

Apostle Holland Example on Personal Revelation

vastique Mar. 2013

For whatever reason I was torturing myself with reading biographies of the henchma. . . . um . . I mean "apostles". Came across this lil gem below.

Now, THAT is skill. To be able to turn on a dime and change an abject failure into a "teaching moment".

"Prophets are not scientists"

xyz Nov 2012

"Prophets are not scientists: Their views of science tend to reflect the prevailing views of the time."