Life as a Mormon

Had tithing settlement today - my kids were threatened with being burned

jonesb Dec. 2104

First off I realize that I'm dumb for still paying. That's not the point here. I'm working on it but it's complicated with a believing wife.

The bishop told my kids that if they don't pay tithing they would burn at the second coming.

The signs of the times

Keith Vaught Jul 2014

I grew up in the Mormon church during the 60s and 70s. One of the big gospel topics used to be the second coming, which our local leaders and teachers frequently claimed would happen around the year 2000. How many of you remember these "signs of the times" that were taught in classrooms and from the pulpit?

When did you REALLY start questioning?

Elder Berry Jul 2014

So discounting shelving at what age did you start suspecting LDS Inc. wasn't a good truth speaker for your reality?

My Social Anxiety nightmare in the church.

Anon 4 this May 2014

For people with social anxiety Mormonism is so impossible. First off there is the forced testimony meetings growing up where everyone is expected to say something during mutual testimony meetings. I remember the first time I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting I hoped I would get hit by a bus before the dreaded day. I HATED interviews with anyone especially the bishop.

Called to see the bishop - Learn to say No

Lex Apr. 2014

Got a text summoning me to see the bish. It is either a calling or another discussion about tithing or my lack off tithing to be precise. Seeing as I want to leave the church neither are welcome but I just can not say no to these people.

The problem with the LDS Church

Boyd K Pecker Mar 2014

Let's forget about whitewashed history and bogus doctrines for a minute.

After reading many postings over several months, maybe the biggest problem with the Church is that the members solely exist to benefit the Church but the Church does very little to benefit the members. I

The real financial cost of Mormonism-My family's example.

newnamenephi Mar 2014

Below is a breakdown a typical month in my family (wife & 3 teenagers - and we live close to a ward building):

Stake Conference: Don't even Look at anything that makes you doubt.

mixedmessages Feb. 2014

My daughter went up to the heart of Utah to visit some friends this weekend. She went to stake conference with a friend, and I asked her what they spoke on. She said the speaker was adamant about NOT looking at anything, anything at all that makes you doubt.

Trying to leave the church... new

Knight in Waiting Jan. 2014

Hello again. Recently I've made the decision to not go on my mission, which I'm due for in a week or so. I'm patching up some things in my aftermath plans, so I haven't told my parents yet. I do intend on telling them tonight, however.