Easter Campaign - they sent me an email

by exmollymo Apr 2012

Mormon Church Easter Advertising Campaign - April 6-8, 2012 The amount of deception on their part infuriates me!

I woke up to the following email in my inbox this morning. They're trying so hard to mainstream, it's ridiculous! Even when I was TBM [Mormon], I would complain to DH [dear husband] that the church didn't do anything special for Easter. The amount of deception on their part infuriates me!

I've already seen my friends advertise this BS on Facebook. Ugh!

Also, I've tried to edit and even delete my profile (I was in the first group of members to create one) but it won't let me. I've "hidden" it from public view, but that's about all I have control over. Anyone have insider tips to delete it completely?

The following message has been sent to you:

Easter Advertising Campaign - April 6-8, 2012
Dear Profile Owner,

The Church is launching a three-day advertising campaign this weekend in conjunction with Easter. The campaign will take place on YouTube and Facebook. The focus is to help those not of our faith understand that we believe in and follow Jesus Christ. The campaign features members of the Church sharing their beliefs about the Savior.

Short advertisements will be shown on YouTube on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (April 6-8). We anticipate the ads will be viewed a minimum of 15 million times. The advertising will link to a specially designed page has been created where visitors can share why Jesus Christ is important to them, learn more about our beliefs in the Savior, download the Bible videos app, or order a free Bible (U.S. and Canada only).

Visitors to the Facebook page will also be encouraged to share their feelings about Jesus Christ. It is hoped that thousands of Church members and nonmembers will express their testimonies of Jesus Christ during the Easter weekend.

Church members are invited to be involved with the campaign in several ways:

1. Tell family and friends about the campaign and encourage them to tell their family and friends. Encourage family and friends to participate on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday by visiting or

2. Encourage family and friends to look for the YouTube ads and visit

3. On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Church members are encouraged to visit and share their feelings about Jesus Christ.

Note that the page will not be "live" until early Friday morning.

We believe this will be a unique opportunity for Church members to engage in conversations with those not of our faith about the importance of Jesus Christ in the lives of God's children.

Media Division,
Missionary Department
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Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email
I know and totally agree. Makes me sick.
Exmollymo, I've been thinking about you this week and am glad to see your name pop up here again. Hope everything is going all right for you. Remember, just keep things slow with your husband and love on those kids!!!
Isn't it nice dressing for Easter this year WITHOUT the garmies getting scruntched under the nylons????!!!!!

Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email
Thank you for posting this, now I understand why my tbm in-laws are pushing for us to come over on Easter. We won't be going.

Also, "We anticipate the ads will be viewed a minimum of 15 million times." phew! That's a pretty lofty expectation! Did God tell them their videos would go viral? Good grief!

Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email
What are the consequences if we post something on there? I was thinking something like, "Easter is when we Latter-day Saints take our gaze off Joseph Smith and worship Jesuz Christ and His atonement." Or something like that, anyway. Something oblique.
The videos are just as advertised. They were designed so No-Mos make the connection that TSCC is Christian.
Just in case MOs have a difficult time discussing Christ with No-Mos, these are an alternative. The thinking has been done. :-)
You can try it, but TSCC has the option to edit/delete non-conforming replies. 

Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email

One of the questions I keep getting asked is where all the money goes. I have explained the law of tithing etc but they still want to know. The people I talk to tell me all the money has gone on the Monson Mall and I cannot prove them wrong (you know, because we don't publish accounts and stuff). Also I am having to do a lot of Chapel cleaning at the moment and my tithing used to pay for that.
Anyway, I'm rambling.
Please send me a copy of the accounts for last year so that I can show these schmucks that we are squeaky clean financially and can then get behind your advertising (should Jesus be advertising?) campaign.

Kind regards
Michael Sweeney
c/o BBC Televison Centre, London.

P.S. Feel free to hand deliver your reply...

Let's do it anyway!
Let's inundate them with messages like that. Things like "I always loved Easter when I was a child, it reminded me that my church believes in Jesus Christ too." Even if none of them get posted, it will keep them busy trying to weed them out. I think they should get hundreds an hour. Come one, let's do it.

SpongeBob SquareGarments
I got similar email
All I can say is if they allow comments, we should all try to inerject some truth in there and some links to sites giving the other side.

The Church's strategy is to show they are christian. Big deal, so is most every other church in the USA. That's not so special. What most people want to know is what makes them special? The unorthodox beliefs. People want to know about the BOM, about polygamy and becoming a God, etc.

It's like a Jehovah's Witness friend of mine that I use to talk religion with. Well I didn't care so much about any minor differences in worshipping Jesus but more about the weird stuff I heard about them - like how only 144,000 can get into heaven or why they can't accept blood transfusions and shunning and why they don't celebrate Christmas and even birthdays.

So give the people what they want - what do they really want to know about mormonism - why was polygamy started and do prophets really get revelation today and is there any evidence to back up the Book of Mormon and what about the belief in becoming a god, garden of eden in Missouri, etc.

Sure stick with the safe stuff - Jesus. But that's not what most non-members want to know about the Mormon church.

Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email
So why do they think people will be checking out over the Easter weeke-end? For most Christians this is Holy Week. We'll be in church, remebering the Passion and Resurection of Christ.

Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email
I was talking with an uber-TBM relative (RS president etc etc) who was ranting that the rest of the Christian world won't accept Mormons as "properly Christian" (her words). I pointed out that if you believe that you are the only true Christians (and therefore the rest aren't Christians) you can't get upset at the fact that they think the same thing about you! She argued with me that she did, of course, accept that methodists, episcopalians, baptists etc etc were Christians, until I asked her 'so why do you think they need to convert to the LDS church then?'
She changed the subject rather rapidly. It looks to me like this internet campaign illustrates my point rather well. (I'm still awaiting my Easter invitation- at least, for once, she didn't even try to get me to watch conference live in the middle of the night with them all.)
Thomas $. Monson
Re: Easter Campaign - they sent me an email
sgc Wrote:
So why do they think people will be checking out over the Easter weekend?

LOL, good question.

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