In defense of converts to the Mormon Church

by caedmon June 2012

I often read comments on this board that the only people who join TSCC [this so called church] today are low income, uneducated rubes who are clearly of subpar intelligence.

Well, I know three converts well, one is my daughter. She and the other converts I know joined TSCC at a difficult transitional point in life. TSCC knows that people in that stage of life are vulnerable to their pitch and they actively go after them. She was always the child who needed someone to hold her hand in new situations until she got her bearings.

Mormons being insulting while pretending they care

by fidget June 2012

excerpt "When my husband and I got married, we had a civil marriage. It was beautiful, I was wearing a strapless dress that was the "talk" of the ward for awhile. It shouldn't have been, I used to wear tank tops to young women's. :) When my husband and I were opening our gifts, we came across a card from a neighbor and member that had watched me grow up. The card said, "congratulations, we do wish you had chosen the right way though."

Clues along the way that Mormonism was all a fraud

by Nancy Rigdon June 2012

1. The Bishopric called a sister to be the ward Primary President. *Two weeks later*, she was released and called to the Stake YW Presidency. Not only was the ward confused, apparently, the Holy Ghost was too.

2. A man in our ward gave a priesthood blessing to another man so that he would be able to find a job. In the blessing, he said the man would live a long prosperous life and that the Lord had an important work for him to do on the earth, blah, blah, blah. The *next day* the man who got the blessing died unexpectedly of a heart attack...

I saw the ultimate Mormon Temple garment feel up followed by the raised eyebrow today

motherfreaker June 2012

I was at a soccer game this evening sitting next to a social Mormon whose daughter plays on one of the teams. Social Mormon guy is known to enjoy a beer after games with the parents, he swears when his wife isn't around, and he is a pretty cool guy. The local Ward's Bishop's Counselor has a daughter on the opposite team and during halftime he came over to greet the guy.

Social Mormon guy was wearing a black, dry-fit UnderArmor t-shirt. Bishopric guy walked over, placed his hand on social guy's shoulder and rubbed his shoulder and upper arm checking for the magic garments.

A letter from a 19 year old Mormon

by Eric K June 2012

Sigh... This is mindless devotion from a young man - "Mormons don't think they are better than anyone else, its the fact that we have more."

Mormon Church's City Creek Project Now at 2-3 Billion Dollars - March 2012

by wjexmo Mar 2012

Jesus finally has a mall worthy of his presence.
God has always instructed his peoples to build shopping centers.

You are just in rebellion with the Mormon Church

by Jesus Smith June 2012

Have you heard this one: Your apostasy is about a rebellion against the church or god because things didn't go like you wanted.

The Church never taught that Jesus and Satan are brothers?

by cc may 2012

I was reading an article on Yahoo the other day about Mormons: The Least you Should Know,

More on the mormon missionary numbers game (long)

runtu may 2012

From my blog:

A friend of mine recently read my book and wrote to me wondering why I hadn’t spent much time writing about the message we missionaries brought and why that message resonated with the people we baptized. I didn’t have a good answer, but after I thought about it, I realized that the message was not really an important part of being a Mormon missionary. Missions were about obedience to our leaders and increasing the number of church members.

Reply from Elder Holland Mormon Apostle to my letter

By anointed one May 2012

Jeffery Holland [Mormon Apostle] Response and my reply
( Original letter - )
An excerpt from Anointed One's response: 'You absolutely amazed me with your email. You are a highly educated, articulate and well read person with a PhD from Yale. Yet, you do not address one issue in my letter. Instead, you sent me a mindless rant.'

Mormon Mall City Creek profits go tax free to the Prophet

by StillAnon May 2012

KUTV in SLC says the profits from the condo sales, mall leases, etc., go to the non- profit, tax exempt part of the church. Couldn't have seen this coming.

Media reports are taking note of the repeatedly demonstrated fact that Romney is a Mormon who apparently is internally lacking in essential core moral values . . .

steve benson May 2012

Many examples of that obvious reality have been provided in mainstream media accounts where Mo Mitt displays this insidious personal impulse of his--one which reporters are finding particularly strange (not to mention increasingly frustrating), since Romney (supposedly a man of deep Mormon faith) who is openly seeking an office of public trust, is deliberately remaining an evasive engima to the nation due to his steadfast refusal to express moral principles that are supposedly rock-rib related to doctrinal particulars of his LDS religion.

Son apologized for Mormon temple wedding!

by greenkat May 2012

I posted 6 years ago about my pain with my son getting married in the temple and me standing outside. I remember it as one of the worst, hurtful, demoralizing and AWFUL days of my life. I greeted the happy couple outside because I cared more about my love for them than the humiliation of standing there while my Mormon relatives judged me and described in condescending, glowing details the "beautiful" ceremony inside that I missed. I had been to plenty of marriages and sealings, and knew all about the bland ceremony, and felt betrayed at their insensitivity.

What exactly did you find out or discover first to make you leave the Church?

by mcindy20 May 2012

I am a never Mormon in a deeply Mormon family (in laws). Just curious what first made you question the Church?

Mormon Relatives Visited for a Week

by motherfreaker May 2012

I'm a long time reader of this board and have posted a few messages from time to time but I really need to vent today. We've had family from out of town visiting for the past 6 days and I can honestly say that I have never seen such behavior and attitudes from children and adults.

FAIR - Book of Mormon Translation - Stone in a Hat

by SpongeBob SquareGarments May 2012

On March 29 & 30 of 2012, there was a live presentation held at the Utah Valley University entitled 'Mormonism and the Internet'. In Scott Gordon's presentation at the 41:07 mark he has a slide that says "Translation with a Hat". He then lists 5 LDS sources that he claims states that Joseph translated the Book of Mormon with a hat.

Young Mormon Male Mitt Romney Gang-Assaults a Gay Classmate Violence-Justifying LDS Church Apostle Boyd K. Packer Burst with Pride

by steve benson May 2012

In a homophobic screed launched by Mormon Church apostle and then-acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Boyd K. Packer, entitled “To Young Men Only,” Packer justified physical violence against gays.

Packer's hate-filled speech--delivered to young Mormon boys at the General Priesthood Session of Mormon Conference in October 1976--condoned committing acts of physical assault on gays as the situation warranted.

What my Mormon mom sent after a fight on Mormonism

byuiapostate May 2012

So this is what my Mom sent me in a text after we got into a fight over the phone.

"You are making a huge huge mistake!!! I wish you would trust heavenly father more than 18 year old genius strangers. (I'm not sure who she is referring to) You have been treated fairly! And not been asked to to participate in anything that has made you worse off. I can promise you it will be far harder alone than with the loving support of friends and family and the savior who only want to help...

My letter to Elder Holland re Book of Mormon (very long)

by anointed one May 2012

Here is a copy of letter I sent with specific questions regarding his proclamation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon

Non Mormon's perception of Mormons - outside Utah

by Kyle May 2012

OK. 10 years ago I Leave the church. Now for the first time, all of my non LDS clients and friends could tell me how they really felt about the Mormon Faith. OMG.. was I shocked. I knew that their perception was NOT all that great.. but at least neutral I thought.. boy was I wrong. Virtually every NON LDS person I knew at some point told me how relieved they were that I finally left the Mormon church.