Joseph Smith

The Devil Made Me Restore It: Joseph Smith, the Magic Talisman Man . . .

steve benson May 2014

. . . Goes to His Reward with an Occultic Jupiter Talisman in His Pocket.

Let's review the sources on Smith's sorcery:

Joseph Smith and Teenage Girls using LDS sources

steve benson Feb. 2014

In another thread, RfM poster "ness" states:

"Well, this is a new TBM explanation; There is no solid evidence that JS married other men's wives or children under 18 years old. . . .

"Heard this one before? Or is this TBM just totally wrapped up in his delusions? From what I gather, most TBMs accept that JS married other mens wives and young girls.

Providing Cover on Joe's Lovers: Emma Was a Money-Minded Co-Conspirator...

steve benson Sep 2013

. . . who--in silence and deceit on both the nature of Mormonism and the abominable antics of her husband--ran conscious interference for Joe's despicable personal behavior and for the fraudulent cult that he concocted. There is a wealth of evidence to support that conclusion, including that provided by examination of Emma's money fights with Mormon Church

Did Joseph Smith Produce Children in Polygamous Relationships

steve benson July 2013

What, if any, DNA evidence exists indicating that Joseph Smith fathered children through his polygamous escapades and not through his marriage to his first wife, Emma?

Why did Joseph Smith marry women who were already married to mormon men?

plig Feb. 2013

Why did he marry 11 women who were already married to Mormon men? He married many of these women after sending their husbands on Mormon missions.

History, not Mystery: Joseph Smith was a Pedophile (as confirmed by even Mormon sources) . . .

steve benson Mar 2012

Like Warren Jeffs, Joseph Smith engaged in sex with underage girls (despite what robo-Mos dependent on FAIR propaganda peddling may wish to believe--and as proven by Mormon history itself).

*Smith's Well-Earned Reputation for Being a Sex-Obsessed, Self-Possessed Philanderer

Mormon Seminary Student is angry after learning Joseph Smith had teenage wives

by thedrive Feb 2012

Our daughter attends high school with a fair number of LDS kids. They all attend Seminary across the street form the school on the local Ward building and generally hang out together at lunch and at school activities- kind of their own little clique. There is one girl that has some "Gentile" friends of which my daughter is one.

Ran across an interesting quote about Swedenborg and Joseph Smith Using His Writings

by foggy 2012

For example, in 1758 a man by the name of Emanuel Swedenborg wrote a book about his visions of the afterlife. Swedenborg insisted: "There are three heavens," described as "entirely distinct from each other." He called the highest heaven "the Celestial Kingdom," and stated that the inhabitants of the three heavens corresponded to the "sun, moon and stars."

Joseph Smith and Nancy Rigdon

by steve benson Feb 2012

. . . let's review a variety of cross-checked sources confirming Joseph Smith's sexual hunting spree aimed at Nancy Rigdon

--"The prophet [Joseph Smith] was . . . at odds with his long-time friend and counselor Sidney Rigdon over a reputed polygamous proposal on 9 April 1842 to Rigdon's unmarried daughter Nancy.

Oliver Cowdery never retracted his accusation against Joseph Smith of Smith having had an adulterous affair with teenager Fanny Alger. How could he? The raunchy record, please...

by steve benson Dec 2011

Smith's first known sexual affair was with a teenager named Fannie Alger, who was living with Smith and his first wife Emma in their Kirtland, Ohio, home. Fanny was also Smith's first confirmed plural wife. [See] Smith “came to know[her] in Kirtland during early 1833 when she, at the age of 16, stayed at his home as a housemaid.