I was born into a cult but I have never been LDS - Christadelphians

by Amellifera Feb 2012

I realize this isn’t a space created for me, and I hope I’m not intruding. I’ve spent the past 3 days reading this forum. My husband doesn’t understand why I’m so fascinated. He thinks it has something to do with the fact that we live in Utah. It doesn’t, really, though I found this forum because I was curious. The major reason I’ve been reading your discussions (in all of my free time for the past 3 days) is because I was born into “The Truth” as well. Though they call themselves Christadelphians.

Mormon Missions cut short for medical reasons

by Just Once Feb 2012

I've been struck by the seemingly high number of missionaries returning for "medical reasons."
What's the deal? What's actually going on? Is there something going on we're not aware of? Or have missions actually become more dangerous?

Mormon Sister Rants about food storage and the waste it has been

by Mia Feb 2012

She has 5 adult children. She did the food storage thing for 20 years.

Last week she cleaned out the food storage room. She's cranky about the whole deal.
She feels like she obeyed a commandment that didn't serve any good purpose.(her words)

Comparing Weddings Mormon versus non-Mormon

by Anon67

Hey, I've been reading a bit into Mormonism as some of you had suggested. I was wondering what is the difference from a temple wedding than a regular wedding, besides the eternal seal and not allowing non-Mormons. Is it different vows or is the ceremony all together different?

Mormon Endorsement of Hitler and the Nazis

by steve benson Feb 2012

Below are examples of the LDS-owned "Church News" and "Deseret News," etc., going on record endorsing the "inspired" Adolf Hitler on the Word of Wisdom; anti-Jewish genealogical research; the Nazi straight-arm salute and organization; plus several LDS Church member compliments of der Fuherer.

Mormon Seminary Student is angry after learning Joseph Smith had teenage wives

by thedrive Feb 2012

Our daughter attends high school with a fair number of LDS kids. They all attend Seminary across the street form the school on the local Ward building and generally hang out together at lunch and at school activities- kind of their own little clique. There is one girl that has some "Gentile" friends of which my daughter is one.

Mormon Bishop Interview with Single Adult Female

by newme Feb 2012

I checked online and saw that the pervert singles ward bishop who interrogated me about masturbation a few years ago is still serving as Bishop. I hate the thought that other single girls may still be going through what I went through.

Weird things about Mormons and Mormonsim

by jw the inquizzinator Feb 2012

1) The underwear. Magical drawers that provide an all-hazard barrier and remind the faithful not to have sexual relations with anyone other than one's spouse. They come in a variety of lengths, materials, and styles...yes, you can still get the "union suit version" with the flap in back.

2) Constant turmoil over what is "allowed" and what is not. etc. ...

Prominent National Jewish leader calls on LDS church to stop dead-dunking Holocaust Jews

by steve benson Feb 2012

My personal friend, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith Abraham Foxman, explains what must be done to stop this ghoulish Mormon practice of dead-dunking not only Jews but other non-Mormons, as well:

1) desist from further necro-dunking of Holocaust Jewish victims; and
2) abandon the Mormon doctrine of necro-dunking altogether.

Ran across an interesting quote about Swedenborg and Joseph Smith Using His Writings

by foggy 2012

For example, in 1758 a man by the name of Emanuel Swedenborg wrote a book about his visions of the afterlife. Swedenborg insisted: "There are three heavens," described as "entirely distinct from each other." He called the highest heaven "the Celestial Kingdom," and stated that the inhabitants of the three heavens corresponded to the "sun, moon and stars."

Today I was asked to be careful what I taught in Elders Quorom.

by Mormon Traitor Feb 2012

The Elders Quorom president came to me today and asked me to be careful what I teach because there would be an investigator there today. He said, "Don't go into any topics or history that would offend or upset the new guy. We want to keep him." Isn't that crazy? We only have 5 active EQ members. Our ward is dying. We only average about 45 every Sunday. We used to have about 120. I realize thy would be thrilled to gain a new member, but it's pathetic to have to hide the truth about our church to keep new members.

Another gem from Boyd K Packer

by Simon in Oz Feb 2012

"The most important thing for a woman in this life is to be the wife of a worthy priesthood holder and the mother of his children."

So which Mormon meeting bothered you the most or did you dislike (hate) the most?

by sam Feb 2012

The meeting I could not stand is Ward Council and PEC (even when I was a Bishop conducting them). To much *** gossip. It bothered me so much.

My next least favorite meeting was Sacrament Meeting when a High Council Speaker came-boring and sometimes over the top!

What if it's true?

by fred Feb 3012

My wife and I have recently stumbled upon some disturbing things in the history of the church. To name a few, in no particular order:

The Book of Abraham
Changes in the early church to "revelations" given by God

Previously published threads on "Life after Mormonism".

103 Previously published threads on "Life after Mormonism". A good place to start for those newly out of Mormonism.

ABC 4 SLC reporting "Number of faithful Mormons rapidly declining"

by josephsmyth Feb 2012

Apparently their only response is to double down on manipulating Mormons back into the fold to rake in the $$$$ so they can buy up more Main Streets, Condo's and Shopping Malls in their continued efforts to turn Downtown SLC into a Mormon theme park, complete with a fairy castle for faithful sheep to take their pictures in front of when they get brainwashed in the International House of Handshakes.

Did you keep going to the Mormon church while you were learning the TRUTH?

by confused feb 2012

Two weeks ago I accidentally started learning the truth about the book of Abraham, polygamy, temple, etc. We haven't been to church since, but last week we agreed to keep going for the next month while we figure this out. I don't think that I can do it. I don't even want my children to learn anymore of these lies. Did anyone else keep going to church while they were learning the truth about the Mormon church?

I feel so incredibly duped by the Mormon Church

by myselfagain Feb 2012

It's week 2 into my leaving TSCC [this so called church] saga. The first week I just felt so incredibly relieved and thrilled that I was going to be true to myself and not some guy with a 'mantle' who does not know what is good for me. Now, I am in the feeling really stupid phase.