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There is a concern about "anti-Mormon" literature. The implication being that if it is "anti" there must be something wrong with it. That can only be assumed if the Mormon church is telling the truth. Many of us have found it is not. There is some extremely poor material out there such as God Makers II. I would never use innuendo or lies to combat a lie, but unfortunately the producers of God Makers II stooped to trash and it confuses Mormons.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

No one can say with certainty who wrote it, or which author wrote which portions. It would literally take me days to write out the evidence which leads me to my current conclusions, time that I don't have. The evidence is out there, if you care to study it. However, if your prerequisite goal of such a study is to remain a Mormon, then I daresay any evidence that would lead you away from that predetermined goal would be useless to you.

Blood Atonement in the Mormon Church


By Jerald & Sandra Tanner
(This article originally appeared in The Salt Lake City Messenger, Issue No. 92, April, 1997)

It is a well-known fact that the early Mormons suffered a good deal of persecution at the hands of the Gentiles-i.e., non-Mormons. The prophet Joseph Smith and his brother were murdered by a cowardly mob that took the law into their own hands. A number of Mormons lost their lives during these early years. Unfortunately, however, many Mormon historians have overlooked the other side of the story.

Blacks and the Priesthood in the Mormon Church

The following article was written by a Christian, Peter Elias. This web site,, is not a pro-Christian site. I included this article in its entirety since it is one of the best documented sources for quotes on the LDS leaders' views on Blacks I have read. There should be no doubts after reading this about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' position prior to 1978 on Blacks and the priesthood. All comments and statements in this article are from Peter Elias
Eric, June 14, 1997.

Date: Mon, 26 May 1997


Subject: FOR NEWBIES - Guide to abreviations used on board
Author: Deconstructor - (updated Sep 2010)
Here's my list of abreviations and special vocabulary used on Recovery from Mormonism Board

AP - Assistants to the President, mission president's top missionaries/henchmen
BIC - Born In the Covenant (parents had been sealed in the temple prior to your birth)
BIL - Brother-in-Law
BKP - Boyd K Packer
BoA - Book of Abraham
BoM - Book of Mormon

Mormon Apologetics

Updated 12/23/95 Includes the Smithsonian letter on the Book of Mormon

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