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Yes, Rabbi, Mormons are not only weird but in some cases weirder than other people . . .

steve benson

In an article in the Huffington Post, entitled, "Are Mormons Any Weirder Than the Rest of Us?," Rabbi Shmuley Boteach makes his case against that proposition with this opening statement:

Did you lie on your mission?


Did you ever deliberately deny or withhold the truth to investigators on your mission?

Re: Did you lie on your mission?
Can't remember... Hopefully not deliberately.

My Response to the Missionaries - Was This Rude?

by notamomo Nov 2011

So there is a knock on my door Saturday morning. Luckily for me, there is a decorative window in my front door, so I can see I have me a couple of missionaries on my porch before I open it. Now, keep in mind I was kind of busy at the time, but I seriously just didn't want to get dragged into any kind of conversation with them.

Is this the LDS "secret" of how we came to be here?

by rowan Nov 2011

This is what I have understood from what I have read here and elsewhere.

All the people of earth existed as "a separate intelligence" before they agreed to become spirit children of Heavenly Father.

I was "unworthy" to bless my child. So I did it anyway.

by The Man in Black Nov 2011

So recently I was told by a member of my bishopric that due to my lack of attendance I should not bless my child. So naturally I did it anyway.

There wasn't a lot of fanfare or resistance from anyone. I just scheduled it, got dirty looks from people, and did it anyway.

What is all this: "What is Wanted?" thing

by subliminal Dec 2011

The "what is wanted" thing? I don't get it. I'm sure the jokes will be more funny then.

Raptor Jesus
When you go through the veil at the temple.
To meet Elohim, you tap on this metal bar three times, and then Elohim's arm comes out and Elohim asks, "What is wanted?"


It's hard to slow down

by introvertedme dec 2011

I'll include some of this in my exit story, but was thinking about it this morning. I'm working on untangling what is truly part of my personality and what has been so ingrained and indocrinated in me that I think it's part of me when it really isn't.