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The Most Offensive Testimony...

by tensolator Dec 2011

What is the most offensive testimony you have ever heard?

Personally, it had to be the woman, who's son was killed motocross racing on Sunday.

Is Tithing Money used to Build to City Creek

by Rosyjenn Dec. 2011

I know it's a waste of time arguing on youtube but I was addressed in a response about the church on a video.

The posters questions are: "Do you have any documentation proving that any of the General Authorities receive money from the Tithing Fund as part of their stipends?

Temple weddings

by non-believing dad Dec 2011

I posted awhile ago about going to my step-daughter's temple wedding coming up this spring. It is very important to my tbm wife that I get a TR and go. I told her I could do everything I needed to get a TR [temple recommend] except lie about the church being true.

Why do you think you never really fit in with Mormonism?

by Itzpapalotl dec 2011

Like Mia said in RJ's thread, Mormonism wants to homogenize it's members. Obviously, that doesn't work. We are people with individual thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Another Mormon Ponzi Scheme Dec 2011

By mckay

Another one right here in central Utah, this one involves about $200 million. Nice LDS Church going father and son inviting other church members to make good money, till it failed.

Nn what order did you eliminate the following:

by closet questioner Nov 2011
Tithing, garments or church attendance?

For those who stopped wearing garments before stopping church attendance, what was the time frame between the two? What caused you to make that final decision to stop attending?


Re: in what order did you eliminate the following:

Have you received manipulative Mormon type gifts?

by Cheryl Nov 2011

Yesterday, most of us agreed that cheap anonymous mormon doo-dads and sweet treats dumped on doorsteps are annoying and won't inspire us to return to the mormon church.

What about more substanial identified gifts from our mormon loved ones?