Temple confusion - getting a new name

by dominikki dec 2011

So it's my understanding that when a person enters the temple for the first time they get a secret name. In most cases the first time is as a missionary, they get their name, do their thing then fast forward 2 years or so and their back again to get married, where they get a name again. My confusion is, what happened to the first name they got? Was that just the temporary missionary name that becomes null and void when they get married? Do they not get a new name when they get sealed if they already had one from before? Don't they just whisper the name to you from the veil or whatever? I just don't understand! Of course I don't understand the point of a temple name period but the idea of having a mission name then another when you get married is even more ridiculous. And what about if they do the temple thing as teeanagers to dead dunk? Do they get a name then, and then another one for their mission, and then another one when they get married? Those of you in the "know" could you explain this to me? My DH won't answer any questions I have about the morg.

Dave the Atheist
All I can tell you is that, as a dead dunking teenager, I didn't get a top secret code name.
The rest I don't know and have never cared to know.
I'm sure more knowledgable people will weigh in on this one.

Everyone gets only one secret name in a spectial one time ritual.
They skip that part of the routine on subsequent visits.

Dead dunkers don't get their own new name. They just stand in for dead people and use their names for the dunking/confirmation rites.

I believe you use the name you were
given initially. That's the name I used when I got sealed. My wife got her new name at that time and gave it to me.

Re: Temple confusion
Ahh, thanks drilldoc. My DH got a name when he went on a mission but since we didn't get married in the temple I wasn't sure how that worked. It kind of confused me.

Phantom Shadow
Wife doesn't get to know her husband's name
He must know hers, however. If she had been "through the temple" previously, perhaps as a missionary, and later marries, there is a special brief ceremony to bring her through the veil with the husband to be so that he learns her name.

Looking back, I think this whole religion was one of the goofiest possible.

Re: Temple confusion
That's not how I remember it, drilldoc. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

You're definitely only given one new name though, that's for sure. And yes, the husband knows the wife's, but the wife never learns the husband's.

Before I got married, when my fiancee went through the temple for the first time, I think I just went through for a dead person like every other visit. But after I went through the veil, she gave me her name, and I pulled her through the veil. So I don't think I used my new name during that visit.

Does anyone else remember?

Didn't participate, but how you said it is the way it was explained to me. 

Because I took out my endowment more than 7 days
before our wedding, we had the special little veil ceremony. I guess if a woman has had their endowment more than 7 days, she does this little ceremony--all you do is give the name--not do all the signs and tokens.

I'll say it again--when I told my ex through the veil that my new name was "Lucy." He said, "WHAT!!!!!" And I had to repeat it. We still laugh about it.

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Re: Temple confusion
You get your "new name" with your washing and annoiting and it is used at the veil during the end of the endowment. This is only done once, on the first time to the temple.

Subsequent visits are for doing proxy work, so you are a stand in for someone who is dead, and you get a card with their name and their "new name" which is used at the end of the endowment.

Before the temple sealing (marriage) the bride and groom perform the veil portion of the endowment where the groom stands in for god and the bride gives all the secret handshakes and uses her "new name" (the one she was given during her first trip to the temple). Normally the first time a woman goes through the temple is because she is getting married so the groom-to-be does this part at that time, but in my case my ex-wife had been to the temple years earlier.

hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Of all the mormon stuff that day, this was my favorite part, dispite being wierd it was sadly the most intimate part of the whole thing... it was something that was just between me and her, and only 2 other people were there.

Re: Temple confusion
Everyone is given a new name once, when you go through the temple the first time. Mine was rather pretty - Phoebe. Then each time you go back you are given a new name 'for and on behalf of' the person you are doing the work for. So you don't actually get another new name for you.

Each person who goes through the temple on a certain day gets the same new name, it's changed daily. So if you forget your new name they just look up what the soup of the day was, on the day you went through the temple the first time. Sorry, did I say soup? Meant new name. Probably takes the same amount of inspiration to choose both. And if the new name happens to be your own name they give you the new name of Adam or Eve.

I was talking to a nomo friend about getting new names in the temple and she was rather jealous she didn't have one. So GayRM (my gorgeous Gay Best Friend and an exmo) and I chose a new name for her so that she wouldn't feel left out. We gave her the new name of Aspartame.

that's a funny name..I thought it was a lovely greek goddess
so looked it up and have decided to stop my diet drinks!
thankyou clairefergie

Re: Temple confusion
My husband couldn't wait to tell me his new name!

When I told him he wasn't supposed to tell me he looked stunned.He thought that was the dumbest thing he's ever heard. So now we know each others names. Never know when that might come in handy. I won't have to call him "hey you" in the next life.

Tabula Rasa
Re: Temple confusion
Reminds me of a joke:

Older man is at a party and discussing restaurants with some couples nearby. He wants to recommend a GREAT Italian restaurant but can't come up with the name of it. So, he asks his conversants "What's the name of that flower everyone loves?"

"Carnation" says one. "No, that's not it."

"Gardenia!" says another. "No, that's not it. It's red."

"Rose!" says another "Ya, that's it!"

Immediately turns around and yells at his wife across the room:

"Hey, Rose? What's the name of the Italian restaurant we go to all the time over on Wilshire?".



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