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Xango juice Nov 2011


I went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game recently. Their main sponsor is "Xango"

The Mormon Badge of Honor


My vote...ignorance.

I've met so many that pride themselves on the ability to look the other way when evidence contrary to their position is presented

Prophets who don't prophesy.


Being a "prophet," in the LDS sense, means being the conduit for God's instructions to his people. It doesn't necessarily mean predicting the future.

Go Forth And Multiply! --Andersen


I watched GC long enough on my phone to watch three brethren speak before Satan made it overheat. *snicker* I want to share what I got out of it...

-Computer skills are God's gift to do Family History
-More blessings for the youth who use technology for FH and not video games, surfing the web and Facebook.

-Go forth and multiply!

CBS News: Top 13 states with suicidal thoughts the winner is...

Isn't it interesting that Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming rank right up at the top and these states have high percentages of Mormons, I know, because I live in the thick of it near Rexburg ID. Now, why is it that God's one true church, the one with the plan of happiness, the one with all the keys of the priesthood and 'families can be together forever', seems to bring about unending depression? (She says in her best Dana Carvey's 'Church Lady' impression: "I don't know... maybe SATAN?")