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Spinning the declining missionary numbers

by Simon in Oz

From the Salt Lake Tribune

"The push for more missionaries may reflect an awareness of the church’s shrinking proselytizing force, which is down to about 52,000 from a high of 62,000 in the mid-1990s. The decline is due in part to the LDS Church “raising the bar” on missionary qualifications in 2002, LDS spokesman Scott Trotter said in February.

I just called off my mission...

by rallychild

So, I have just called off my mission this past Tuesday. This past week has been a crazy, emotional, wild ride after breaking the news to my family and friends. It's been liberating, but depressing at the same time. My whole life is going a completely new direction, and it is exciting, but scary at the same time as well.

Funniest thing heard in testimony meeting

by almostgone

"I know that this is the church of jesus christ of latter day saints." And it was the a member of the bishopric... TOO funny.

I actually laughed out loud and my spouse was not happy about that.

What are some of the funny things that you've heard in testimony meeting?

The Motrix
Re: Funniest thing heard in testimony meeting

Will we ever get tired of this? - Relaxing Sundays

by Ihidmyself

Beautiful quiet Sunday morning. Just made some coffee and read the paper. Will probably fix pancakes when the kids wake up. I'll mow the lawn later this morning but its cool outside so it should be less of a chore. Maybe we'll go for a picnic or something later on today.

"You've changed"

by heather Dec 2011

I hear "you've changed" often enough to get me thinking about if I have actually changed or not.

I may have written about this before, but oh well.

Some parts of me are exactly the same as when I was a TBM. I fear the same things, I still enjoy the same hobbies, and I still have the same personality traits.

How long were you a Mormon before you knew Mormons wore special garments?

from: questioner Nov. 2011

I was baptized in 1985 aged 10 going 11.I never knew or heard of any temple garments that mormon wear until I was aged 15,yet I was active until that time.It was not until 1996 aged 21 when I left Mormonism that I learnt that mormon wear garments to be worn in order to receive a temple recommend by their bishop etc.

What are your big three reasons for leaving Mormonism?

From: What me worry Nov. 2011

There are many "proofs" that the church isn't true. But in my mind three of them stand out above the rest.

1-Racism. Blacks and the priesthood, lamanites cursed with a dark skin, preoccupation with lineage and blood of Israel. One word, Vile.

Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!


Non Mormon peopel are commenting saying that church is about money making and like Scientologists.

I've noticed the same thing with a music video on youtube
One comment said something like, "What's the deal with the mormon ad in the corner" (I'm paraphrasing)

Name any other religious org that presses for baptism ASAP like Moism does?


I can't think of a one. Do even the JW's do that? Got to hurry up and put the leash and collar on, then apply the thumb screws. "Yes please, sir, turn it tighter!"

bona dea
Re: Name any other religious org that presses for baptism ASAP like Moism does?