What is all this: "What is Wanted?" thing

by subliminal Dec 2011

The "what is wanted" thing? I don't get it. I'm sure the jokes will be more funny then.

Raptor Jesus
When you go through the veil at the temple.
To meet Elohim, you tap on this metal bar three times, and then Elohim's arm comes out and Elohim asks, "What is wanted?"

Kolobian, having been found true and faithful in all things desires to converse with the Lord at the veil.

Raptor Jesus
Now that we have explained it to you, it still won't be as funny.
But be glad you dodged the temple bullet.

Re: Can someone explain to me...
It's the way you're tested to make sure you know all the handshakes and phrases to get into the kingdom. They tap for you, i.e. knock, the person on the other side of the veil asks what is wanted (whaddaya WANT??????), and then you're supposed to launch into the memorized portion of the situation where you produce the key words, code words, handshakes, etc. so you can prove you're "worthy" and all.

Re: Can someone explain to me...
Oh thanks guys. I haven't been to the temple (nor do I ever plan to go) So I've never had to do all those crazy passwords and handshakes

You have to remember that the mormon god was once a man like us.
He became God by strict obedience to the Gospel and the Priesthood. Not because he is the most omniscient omnipotent or even omnipresent, but because he was super valiant and kept his temple covenants. So it is no wonder that he could not know if you were worthy to be in his presence without those secret handshakes.

Why, just look at him in the temple movie- needs Jesus and Adam to create the world, needs to ask whether Man is on the earth.

Remember too, that you too can become like God if you follow the priesthood to a T, and keep your temple covenants. So while it may seem wrong, you just can't help but feel that since you to will be a god, you don't worship this one, you just imagine what you'll do better when you have his job. And yes, you too will need some way to know who is who when they come to your kingdom.

Re: When you go through the veil at the temple.
Raptor Jesus Wrote:
> To meet Elohim, you tap on this metal bar three
> times, and then Elohim's arm comes out and Elohim
> ax, "What is wanted?"

I believe it is "axes" instead of "ax" in this context.

Re: You have to remember that the mormon god was once a man like us.
Says it all, right there.

Thanks for the laugh you guys! 

Re: Can someone explain to me...
I never understood the "what is wanted" reference either. Just when I think that I have heard it all, along comes another "bite of the true meat".

Since I was so ignorant about the "what is wanted", I will ask what is the metal bar that is knocked on and it's meaning?

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Raptor Jesus
It's just part of the frame that surrounds the veil.
If you want to know why there's a mallet and tapping three times to summon god, you'll have to ask the Masons then see where Joseph just changed it to make it involve god.

Re: Can someone explain to me...
Except if you forget the super-secret passwords to get into heaven, there will be angels standing by to prompt you. So how do the angels know if you've simply forgotten signs and tokens (in which case, they will help you)or you're a wicked, unworthy blasphemer trying to slide on thru, in which case they'll cast you out?

I, too, am a stickler for proper grammar.
Baura is correct. It is proper to say "axes."

Re: Can someone explain to me...

"What is wanted?"

Response "10% of your gross"

Once that's agreed you're in. It's like a password.

Re: Can someone explain to me...
Raptor Jesus

....There is a mallet, too! More stuff I never knew!

So, the "person" takes the mallet and knocks three times on this metal bar-then Elohim asks, "What is wanted?" and then the person is to start giving all these memorized responses. Have I got this right?

So that must be Elohim's "doorbell". Interesting!

Whatever the mind of a fool can conceive, he can get more fools to believe!

*for some reason the song by Tony Orlando and Dawn (comes to my mind) that has "knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipes if the answer is no" "knock three times if you will meet me in the hallway, twice on the pipe means you ain't gonna show"

What is Wanted? as an Old-Timer, I note that
the recent supposed (5?) Exceptions to wearing garments full time

sex (and childbirth!)
some medical exams
'sanctioned' entertainment: BYU basketball, some expressive dancing, etc.,

(are there More?)

Did the now-God enjoy those when he was mortal?
To me at least, they're recent.

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Raptor Jesus
Elohim is behind the veil and you give him the super secret handshakes through openings in the veil that are large versions of the garment markings.

Re: Can someone explain to me...
A man cannot preach unless he has been trained for the ministry!

A complete introduction to the temple rituals can be found here, including a transcript of the veil ceremony.


The mallets are fastened to the frame for the hanging veils by a hinge. They appear to be common bass drum mallets.

The really creepy thing--that they have now gotten rid of
was while at the veil, you used to have knee to inside of knee, breast to breast--I can't remember the rest--5 points of fellowship--or as others have said on here before--6 points of fellowship. You couldn't see the old guy with bad breath behind the veil, but you were getting a feel up by him--supposedly God. I found this more disgusting that the washing and annointing.

Re: Can someone explain to me...
Five points:

1. Inside of right foot, by the side of right foot.
2. Knee to knee
3. Breast to breast
4. Hand to back
5. Mouth to ear

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