Life as a Mormon

Pressured to go on mission

subieguy180 Feb. 2014

I'm a senior in high school and I'm 18 years old and lately people have been asking me am I going on my mission after high school. They keep saying "It may be an option not to go, but you must go because it's a commandment from god" WTF? When they ask If i'm going to go on my mission my first response is:

"I don't know"

World's most boring church

ANON1331 Dec. 2013

I was born into the church but never very active. I remember the times we went as a kid how boring it was and how we kids hated going. I've gone to the YSA ward a few times and can see how it can be fun at times, but it's still rather boring. The last time I went to a family ward it was excruciatingly boring, and a good amount of the people just didn't look like they wanted to be there.

Is there any aspect of a Mormon's life that is NOT micro-managed

spaghetti oh Nov. 2013

Just one of those 3am starring at the ceiling thoughts.

There must be some bits of life untouched by the morg (for a TBM), yes?

My week so far as an active Mormon

greatstanding Sep 2013

I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I have had my eyes opened by this board, and appreciate the candor and sincerity of most of the posts. I also enjoy the funny stuff here. I am BIC, live in the heart of the morridor, RM. One of the recurring themes on RfM is the amount of time required to be TBM. My week has gone like this:

Did any of you ever stress out getting ready on a Sunday morning?

oncewasblind Sep 2013

I mean like in my family when we were kids my dad would get himself ready for church then goes and sits down reading his scriptures or doing some paperwork for his calling then my mother would start yelling at him to help get the kid's ready. I mean sunday mornings at my house when we were kids was chaotic.

Anyone else angry that their parents put the church before their families?

anonthistime Aug 2013

I know there are Mormon parents all over the world whose children take a backseat to the church. This is an area that I've struggled with and I don't know why I'm so bothered by it even years later. Perhaps, sharing my story will help me a little.

Too Busy Serving God To Help Family

pewsitter July 2013

I have a sister that is one of the seminary teachers in her ward. her husband is in the bishopric. They lived with my parents for 8 years and paid no rent when they were first married. They live about 30 minutes from my parents. My parents need help taking care of themselves and my seminary teaching sister and her bishopric member husband are too busy with church callings to help.

Believed in Mormonism for 85 years

thelameduck July 2013

Born in the twenties.
Raised as an active member.
Served a 2 ½ year mission.
Served in the Army during the Korean War.
Married in the Temple: 8 children.

Poor = Unworthy

Tupperwhere June 2013

That's something that always bothered me about the church. My family was pretty well off. We lived in a nice sub-division full of dr's, dentists, lawyers. One part of our ward was across a busy street in another sub-division. It wasn't poor like a slum, it was just more middle and lower class. Or so I was often reminded by my family and other ward members.