Life as a Mormon

A letter from a 19 year old Mormon

by Eric K June 2012

Sigh... This is mindless devotion from a young man - "Mormons don't think they are better than anyone else, its the fact that we have more."

What exactly did you find out or discover first to make you leave the Church?

by mcindy20 May 2012

I am a never Mormon in a deeply Mormon family (in laws). Just curious what first made you question the Church?

I am grateful for the clean-the-Mormon-chapel idea

deconverted2010 Apr. 2012

Thank you LDS cheapos, I would have never found the things I did about the church, had I not been looking for sympathetic ears to my resentment to clean the building and see the custodians retire or let go (I knew two of them personally). Thank you for letting me clean that December, as I did I kept on thinking why would the church be so cheap to let go of the custodians. That thinking led me to Google which led me to so much information I never knew existed. This all let me out. Maybe they were the best invested two or three hours of my life. =)

Cleaning the Mormon building, no longer volunteer!

by girlincognito Apr 2012

...because now, whether you like it or attend church or not, you will be *assigned* your cleaning time! Cause I wouldn't want to do anything else with my family at 8am on a Saturday, like I don't know, sleep.... and make sure you bring your own vacuum, too!

Fast Mormon Marriages

by jameswilmons Mar 2012

I had a friend during my short stint at BYU who was so desperate to get married she had a new 'target' guy each week. Finally one week she met a guy in her ward. They dated (made out) for three weeks. Then he drove her up to Washington state to meet his parents, at which point he proposed. She said yes, of course. This was THREE WEEKS after meeting!

How much does the average Mormon really know...

by brook

I've been reading this site and others like it for about 10 years. With the knowledge/truth I have learned about the Mormon church, I can't think of what it's like to not know. What do you all think the average TBM knows about their church. For example, do they even know about the BoA scandal? Or how much do they really know about polygamy, other than, it was practiced. I thought I'd ask here because a lot of you may be fresh out of the mold. How in the dark were you?

A Very Sad Sacrament Meeting Story

by Just Once Mar 2012

A TBM friend of mine related a very sad story, a high councilman gave, yesterday at their sacrament meeting.

Mormon Sister Rants about food storage and the waste it has been

by Mia Feb 2012

She has 5 adult children. She did the food storage thing for 20 years.

Last week she cleaned out the food storage room. She's cranky about the whole deal.
She feels like she obeyed a commandment that didn't serve any good purpose.(her words)

Mormon Bishop Interview with Single Adult Female

by newme Feb 2012

I checked online and saw that the pervert singles ward bishop who interrogated me about masturbation a few years ago is still serving as Bishop. I hate the thought that other single girls may still be going through what I went through.

Another gem from Boyd K Packer

by Simon in Oz Feb 2012

"The most important thing for a woman in this life is to be the wife of a worthy priesthood holder and the mother of his children."