Life as a Mormon

Email exchange with bishop regarding masturbation

copostmo June 2013

I resigned my membership in the Church a few months ago. My wife and kids are still active. My son turns 14 later this month, and a few weeks ago, I met with our bishop to express my desire that he not discuss the private details of my children’s sexuality during his interviews with them.

Your Money or Your Eternal Life!

anointedone June 2013

Excellent post by Steve Bloor, a former bishop, showing tithing is not a voluntary donation but coercion by a fraudulent organisation. I have his permission to re-post on this board. In my own case I was conned out of far more than the figure stated in the title but that ($100,000) would be typical for many, low for some and high for others.

The church is not a social club.

dk April 2013

In a post a few weeks back, I and others mentioned hearing the powers that be in the church say, "The church is not a social club." After that, activities really seem to go downhill. Some churches even have time after services where people can socialize over coffee and cookies. What a concept.

I was raised to be RACIST

pewsitter April 2013

As a child we spent most of lives influenced by church doctrines. There was no internet and the books we had access to were written by the church. We had to relied on Church Authorities and CES to provide us with the truth. We had access to Mormon Doctrine and of course the book Moses and the book of abraham.

Did Mormonism make you feel "never good enough?"

tilliegilman Apr. 2013

I'm thinking about this because one of my tbm [mormon] childhood friends posted online that no matter how hard he tries, he always feels he's falling short. I remember that feeling. It stayed with me for years after I left the church. It took a while to accept that I'm OK just doing my best. Is this a common experience?

Church promises. Family Home Evening

fnawesome Mar, 2013

Does anyone remember the promise the church gave for family home was something along the lines of if we have family home evening (religiously-pun intended) that NONE of our kids would fall away from the church! Is that just MY recollection or was that made up my my TBM [Mormon] parents to get us ready for the "control"?

Mormon Life Short Courtships

curiousnevermo Feb. 2013

Hey all. I have (another) question I hope you don't mind answering. I love Mormon mom message boards (I know, I know), and every so often I see a thread like "How long did you date before you married?" And each of these threads seems to be a freaking competition to see who married the fastest. I'm talking "I went on two dates and then got engaged"

Is primary always manipulative?

rainwriter jAN. 2013

I've been in the primary for 2 Sundays, so I know that what I've observed could be the exception for our ward rather than the rule, but I'm somehow doubting that. I've seen 4 adults in the primary cry while testifying of the truthfulness of something, which at first doesn't seem like a big deal. But when it happens each week, it's clear that it's not only teaching the kids that emotions equate the spirit, but is also very emotionally manipulative.

The cult robbed me of my grief.

resipsaloquitur Jan. 2012

My first wife died after a year of marriage. I don't talk about it much because I still don't really know what to think, or how I feel about it. And it was almost 13 years ago.

Inspiring New Video Gives the Secret to Strengthening Testimonies

tecumseh Jan. 2013

I just had a link for this sent to me by the Stake Executive Secretary with a request to forward it to ward leaders. [ Admin note: This video is designed to strengthen Mormons' testimonies about cleaning the church toilets. This is over the top serious with music!! ]