Life as a Mormon

So apparently our mormon neighbor wasn't our friend, he was our home teacher

luvcake Dec. 2012

So when we first moved to our house in Utah we also decided that, that would be a good time to not go to church anymore. We did not make it as clear as we could have that we were never going to be going back.

So, I guess we thought we made friends with a neighbor across the street.

The "motherhood = happiness" myth

Darth Monson Dec. 2012

Like many women in the church, my wife was raised to believe that motherhood is the highest calling a person can have and that being a mother is the most wonderful, spiritual, and joy inducing experience that a person can have. For some, that may be the case, but NO ONE in the church EVER says, "not everyone is cut out to be a mother."

Shock, horror, relief, excitement?

sherlock Nov. 2012

Describe the very moment you realized that the LDS [Mormon] church wasn't true.

Was the church ever biased towards any of you for being shy?

ray Oct. 2012

I was baptized at the age of 10 in early 1985. I left the church in early 1996 at age 21.

I have Asperger's in a moderate way. I avoid eye contact at least half of the time when I am talking and chatting to people. Who has felt badly treated for being shy or more shy than the way the Mormon church like you to be?

Mormon Church sucks the fun out of everything

rationalguy Sep 2012

Speaking to my wife, I brought up the idea of sharing one of my interests with my 8 year old grandson. I thought I might teach him to fly model airplanes.

Response: "Wait until he's a Boy Scout so he can at least earn a merit badge from it. Also I really don't want him to get obsessed with any frivolous things like that. Those things take kid's minds off the Church."

Mother compelled to have a large Mormon family and suffered a nervous breakdown

turnonthelights Sep. 2012

My grandmother had 9 children. She had a very unhappy marriage and they were poor. She was forced to work and leave her 9 children at home. She reached a point where she became so depressed that she tried to throw herself out a window. She didn't fall but cut her hands on the glass. My Grandfather was both emotionally and sexually abusive to the children and she refused to leave him because it was frowned upon in the church. Despite my own mother's severe emotional problems and depression she continued to have more and more children to please the church and fulfill her Mormon purpose.

Mormon Beliefs that did the most damage to me.

exdman Aug 2012

Sexual thoughts are unclean thoughts--I felt so tortured as an 11 year old for not being able to get thoughts of nude girls out of my mind, that I used to wish that a car would lose control and run me over so that I could die and it wouldn't be suicide or murder.

It really IS okay to say 'no' to Bishops and other church leaders

JoD3:360 Aug 2012

It took me a long time to get up the guts to say NO when commanded to visit or to meet. Since childhood I was told that the Bishop was the father of the ward and Jesus' personal servant. To disobey the Bishop is to offend Christ Himself, to lie to the bishop is to lie to the Lord.

The Mormon Church is More Important Than You

blueorchid July 2012

Ever have one of those annoying people in your life that can turn any situation into being about them?

All of life's big events--birth, marriage, death---the TSCC [this so called church] is right there to steal the show. Just when it should be the most personal, the most intimate moment for family and friends, it is suddenly, inexplicably about them--the mormons. Their insinuation into these moments in life is no coincidence. It is control at it's finest.

Clues along the way that Mormonism was all a fraud

by Nancy Rigdon June 2012

1. The Bishopric called a sister to be the ward Primary President. *Two weeks later*, she was released and called to the Stake YW Presidency. Not only was the ward confused, apparently, the Holy Ghost was too.

2. A man in our ward gave a priesthood blessing to another man so that he would be able to find a job. In the blessing, he said the man would live a long prosperous life and that the Lord had an important work for him to do on the earth, blah, blah, blah. The *next day* the man who got the blessing died unexpectedly of a heart attack...