Life as a Mormon

So which Mormon meeting bothered you the most or did you dislike (hate) the most?

by sam Feb 2012

The meeting I could not stand is Ward Council and PEC (even when I was a Bishop conducting them). To much *** gossip. It bothered me so much.

My next least favorite meeting was Sacrament Meeting when a High Council Speaker came-boring and sometimes over the top!

What if it's true?

by fred Feb 3012

My wife and I have recently stumbled upon some disturbing things in the history of the church. To name a few, in no particular order:

The Book of Abraham
Changes in the early church to "revelations" given by God

The new garment guidelines - Mormons are not happy and are expressing their frustration

by thedrive Feb 2012

A few weeks ago the church read a letter from the pulpit reminding members about the sacred nature of the garments [Mormon underwear] and telling them when and how to wear the magic underwear. I'm not sure they thought about potential ramifications their "reminder" would bring. {They must now wear them when doing yard work.]

Reprehensible 5th Sunday Lesson yesterday

by GoingGoingNotGoneYet Jan 2012

Wow. Our relatively new and inexperienced bishop hit a new low with is "5th Sunday" (do all wards do this) talk.
The High Priests, Elders, Relief Society, and the Primary Children met together in the chapel.

Mormon Bishops interview for children

by starvalleysaint Jan 2012

Just a thought for those who's kids still go to church....

Upon trying to decided whether to allow our 16 and 11 year old to make their own choice about church the thought hit me...why would I EVER, even as a Mormon let an unlicensed man who is acting like a therapist sit alone with my kids and discuss their lives in any detail?

Mentality to avoid even the appearance of evil -- oh, grow up already, Mo's!!

by AngelCowgirl Jan 2012

So I bought this insulated travel mug that keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold.
TBM [Mormon] family members are FREAKING OUT, telling me that it looks "too much like a coffee cup" and "everyone will think you're drinking coffee!"

Did any of you leave due to simple burn out?

by shaken faith

That is what is pushing me out, burnout of all the hoops etc, guilt is part of it as well, but mostly just don't want to do it anymore. Any lurkers on here want to talk me out of leaving? send me an email, but I want the opinions of those gone...I keep going back and forth like an indecisive teenager, family ties, thinking it could still be true etc, but burnout is pushing me out...

Is what you tell your bishop really private?

by Utahorbust Dec 2011

So how often is it that a person confesses or confides something in their bishop and the information is divulged and spread throughout the ward. It seems likely to me that a bishop goes home and tells his wife and then she tells some lady in the RS and then it's all over the ward.

Is this common?

Is breach of confidentiality common? Yes.

Disturbing Visiting Teacher Message Jan. 2012

by Lost Jan 2012

Very Disturbing VT Message by the LDS Church this month:

They've coined a new phrase: "watchcare"

"Through visiting teaching, we provide watchcare by contacting each sister, sharing a gospel message, and seeking to know her and her family’s needs."

Women Wearing Garments - Mormon underwear

by kmackie Dec 2011

As I was studying my way out I decided to go on one last temple trip, however I decided to wear my bra underneath my garments, I suppose it was swipe at being a little rebellious