Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!


Non Mormon peopel are commenting saying that church is about money making and like Scientologists.

I've noticed the same thing with a music video on youtube
One comment said something like, "What's the deal with the mormon ad in the corner" (I'm paraphrasing)

Another went further and said essentially (paraphrasing again), "f*** those people trying to convert me, I'm going to listen to the music I want to listen to, and live the kind of life I want to live."

This one is funny
"They are up there with Scientology as crazy cults that everyone knows are fucking crazy yet because so many people are "into it" people don't make a big deal out of how crazy it is in order to not offend John Travolta."

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
Mormons probably don't fully realize how most people view them. I usually hear "Mormons are good people" but people don't really mean that to be a compliment. Most people wonder how someone can actually believe in the weird doctrines. Most people I have run into don't admire them or want to be like them.

Eric K
I believe there will be long term negative reprecussions from this advertising
Your everyday Mormon, who is struggling to pay the mortgage, pay the bills and raise 4-6 kids, is not going to have the time for interesting hobbies or lives. These folks will feel themselves to be an even greater failure as they do not fit the profiles the church is pushing of the happy and smiling people. I have only seen a few of these ads. They seem to be disingenuous.

When I was in an Elders' Quorom presidency years ago, the president and the other counselor bragged how they did not have time for hobbies as the church, their families and work kept them from pursuing a hobby. It was a mark of devotion. I wonder how they feel now? Is there resentment?

You mean it's OK now not to seek after a white collar job or professional job? Can surfers become bishops?

Why were were always told we were a peculiar people? Now we are supposed to be normal? I think confusion and cognitive dissonance will create a desire to begin researching Mormonism in greater detail than reading the crap in the white washed manuals. Why is the eternal gospel always changing? I know this is just a cultural, not a doctrinal change, but in Mormonism, the culture and doctrine are intertwined.

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
agree - when nevermos say "my normal buddy/neighbor/co-worker is mormon" it seems that what they really mean isn't "all mormons are normal" but more along the lines of "i'm amazed that someone that isn't 'tom cruise jumping on a couch level of crazy' can believe that crap..."

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
One of my non Mormon friends asked me a couple of weeks ago what was up with the Mormon ads in the Indianapolis area. He thought it made the church look desperate for new recruits and he also thought they were trying to look normal so Mitt Romany could get elected. Interesting!

CA girl
Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
agree +1 This is my current soapbox so sorry if I'm repeating myself but it absolutely astonishes me the disconnect between how Mormons see themselves and how everyone else sees them. It probably astonishes me because I was just as blind as a Mormon. I thought people respected and admired Mormons and some even envied them their happy families, wholesome lifestyle and gospel answers re: the meaning of life. Most non-LDS are polite about others beliefs since religion is so personal but that doesn't mean they respect or like Mormons.

So many of the things Mormons do are considered crazy and/or rude by outsiders. Turning down a cup of coffee by saying "No, I don't drink coffee - I'm Mormon." Or saying "People only leave the church because they are offended" not realizing non-LDS hear that as "Mormons are SO offensive they drive away half their members. Or bragging about having one evening set aside for family not realizing non-LDS spend most evenings with their family or saying their family will be together in heaven not realizing everyone who believes in heaven also believes that. And don't even get me started on Mormons complete lack of the basic good manners most people in society have.

I think the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring because as people have said, nothing says "I'm a weirdo" better than someone screaming "But I'm NOT a weirdo." If Mormons wanted to improve their image, they'd make the members pay attention to their behavior and stop for a second and try to see things from the non-LDS point of view. But that will never happen because God's Chosen don't have to explain their behavior to the peasants.

They are desperate. The cult in Australia is stagnant, even with huge Samoan/Tonga immigration. 

Ha! The comments show the CULT is not fooling anyone.
"Its a Psy-Ops to prepare us for the possibility of Mormon Mitt Romney becoming US President." then the poster uses a picture of someone looking through the glasses on V and seeing reality.

Uncle Max
Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
Even worse, in the UK at least, mormons are seen as weird *and* American - which is not a good combination. I still remember the US missionary that came over when I was still in. We could not get him to see that being American is often a disadvantage when it came to persuading Britons to do anything.

Along with the general "foreign = dodgy", America is often seen as either arrogant or naive (or even and oddly) both. I suspect it is true of much of Europe, the idea that we don't need people coming over here and telling us that we've been doing it wrong for hundreds of years.

Also - Jesus in America" Why there and not somewhere else?

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
Remember those Scientology ads, oh, maybe 15-20 years ago? I think the Mormons are using the same ad company.

"I AM normal--you hear me--NORMAL!" Cheryl is right. They are protesting too much.

My friends and I were Mormon when we saw those scientology ads, and our first thought was that scientology must have a lot of money for those very expensive, polished, designer advertisements, in prime time.

Our second thought was that they must be desperate to recruit new members.

Does anyone else see the irony in the images the I am a Mormon ads are portraying? These images are not of the cookie cutter type of Mormon sheep that the religious teaches people to conform to. They're always talking to the YM and YW and BYU and Seminary students about proper dress, the plan of mission-temple marriage-kids, in the straight and narrow confines of a white and delightsome life. But look at the "Mormons" (actors) portrayed in the commercials. Really, this stinks of hypocrisy on all levels.

Ha-ha, saying one thing and doing another, then changing their mind is typical of a lot of Mormons, get my drift?

It will backfire in another way, too.
Ordinary Mormons will try to emulate the people they see in the advert, only to be shot down in flames by the Bishop or the Stake President. Which will cause resentment and doubts about TSCC.

Ya hafta wonder, tho
If they're partially intentioned to assure the "already saints" that 'things are O.K. in MoVille?

They're DEFINATELY aimed at the easily impressionable, aren't they?

Re: I believe there will be long term negative reprecussions from this advertising
I think Eric is right...

This is one more measure they will have to compare themselves to each other. It will be overwhelming and depressing. No one can be the Mormon idea of perfect AND look like they have all these accomplishments and normal hobbies. They are competitive with each other as it is. It's more pressure to perform like circus animals for the church.

It is one more expectation they will feel: Make outsiders think they are fun, diverse, talented, have hobbies, very normal, etc. Yet they can't develop all that "normalness" and be devoting all their time and talents to the church.

They tell themselves at the pulpit that outsiders are actually envious of them. They think everyone wishes they could have happy families and be as industrious, clean and honest. In reality, they look quaint and behind the times- out of touch.

IMO, any group that needs to actually ADVERTISE that they are normal is confirming the suspicion that they are actually not.

Peter from FAMILY GUY is becoming a Mormon

He said it's a no-brainer to join the religion ;)

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
Yes, these ads are killing several birds with one stone!

1. Reassuring the already members that they are normal.

2. Putting Mormonism in everyone's face so people will think Mormonism is well-known and popular and that millions of people are i am mormons.

3. Giving the illusion that the church is growing

4 Priming investigators that the missionaries who solicit at their door and on the streets are NORMAL, and that their cult is normal.

5. Of course, convincing potential Romney voters that Mitt belongs to a normal religion, instead of a cult.

That is a good point, that members who try to emulate the people on the ads will be shot down in flames. I must say, that everyone I talk to hates those ads, and the only question it raises is "Why is this weird cult advertising so heavily?" Then Mitt Romney comes to mind. A-ha!

Re: I believe there will be long term negative reprecussions from this advertising
Surfers as bishops? Yeah right.

Surfers actually go surfing after work sometimes. Not allowed. After work, you are supposed to work some more, or you are a slacker.

Fetal Deity
Good point ...
And, any converts who actually join the church because they identified with the Mormons portrayed in the ads, are likely to be confused and disappointed by the reality!

good call
In that gossipy culture, it's not just the bishops that will attack you for standing out.

Has anyone venured a guesstimate of how much lucre is this one has
soaked up so far?

This I'm a Moron campaign is costing zillions.

Of course they can spend freely as it is the Lard's work which worthy widow's mite tithe payers are proud to support. Not like the Lard's mall that doesn't use tithes you see.

Any ideas how much is going down God's glory hole?

This "I'm a Mormon" vid didn't cost TSCC a dime:

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
There was an article in my local newspaper a few days ago. It was an announcement about an ecumenical holiday church service sponsored by three large, well known, highly respected congregations. In the photograph, the three leaders of the local congregations were pictured in their clerical garb -- a Lutheran pastor, an Episcopal priest, and a Methodist minister.

All three are women.

That's what normal looks like for mainstream Christians in the year 2011.

In addition, the article mentioned that a plate would be passed at this church service. We all know the Mormon attitude about that. Well, all monies collected at this service will be donated to a local shelter. There will also be a collection of canned and boxed foods for the local pantry, which is quite desperate for donations at this time of the year.

That, too, is what normal looks like among mainstream Christians -- not sending most donations to an avaricious, never-satisfied moneypit of a central bureaucracy (that somehow doesn't find its membership worthy of knowing how their donations are spent.) But using the money instead to help meet fundamental human needs. Food. Shelter. Knowing that someone in your community cares about you when you are down and out.

The Mormon church has a long way to go to get to "normal."

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steve benson
These ads in a nutshell: "I'm a Mormon and despite all the really weird stuff I believe and do, I'm trying hard not to show it." 

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Re: These ads in a nutshell: "I'm a Mormon and despite all the really weird stuff I believe and do, I'm trying hard not to show it."

Want to know what people REALLY think of mormons?
just tell them you "used to be a mormon" and sit back to hear their responses.

I had no idea how much people held back, how polite they were keeping their opinions to themselves around active mormons.

Once they know you are "out" you will hear the truth. It is not pretty.

CA girl
+1000 danboyle
I could have written that post myself. I had no idea people were merely being polite and respectful of my boundaries and my right to make a total @ss out of myself.

When I started saying "I used to be Mormon" I sure found out though. What also surprised me was the almost universal "Welcome Back" sentiment I got from non-Mormons. As in "Welcome back to the real world. We are so happy you figured it out and we are here for you."

Re: Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!
I have a friend who lives in Australia. He's asking if there are any other places where one can see reports on the "I'm a Mormon" campaign in Brisbane.

Any mormons from the area know where I can steer my friend?

Any other coverage?

Any ex-mormon online meeting places for those living down under?


Re: They are desperate. The cult in Australia is stagnant, even with huge Samoan/Tonga immigration.
ozpoof, this blog is written by a friend who is also interested in the mormon presence in Australia.

His home page presently has a video and comment up about mormons.

I'm sure he would appreciate an email contact.


Re: +1000 danboyle

This has been my experience as well. Mormons are so deluded.

"Recovery from Mormonism -"