Will we ever get tired of this? - Relaxing Sundays

by Ihidmyself

Beautiful quiet Sunday morning. Just made some coffee and read the paper. Will probably fix pancakes when the kids wake up. I'll mow the lawn later this morning but its cool outside so it should be less of a chore. Maybe we'll go for a picnic or something later on today.

No prayers to say. No lessons to prepare. No home teaching. No meetings to attend. No mindless talks to listen to. No guilt. No fear.

Stray Mutt
And that's what religions like Mormonism fear
Ah, people living quite sublimely when left to their own devices.

No no no no no! You need someone telling you how to live in order to be Happy®. You're just fake happy. You'll be sorry if you don't join our club and take on our fears.

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Sounds wonderful! I'm not tired of it.
I've been out of the morg since 1969 and I'm still elated when I think about it on Sunday. : )

LOL! "Fake Happy" That perfectly describes some of these members
that have always given me the creeps.

There is a woman who lives across the street who is married to one of the most ignorant/arrogant people I've ever met. He is the classic, full of himself, with no plausible reason to be full himself, kind of guy. When I met his wife, I had to do a double take. Honestly, she looked to me like her smile had been painted on. Kind of like the Joker on Batman, and not the nice Joker on the tv series but the Jack Nicholson Joker in the movie. She smiles with her mouth but never with her eyes. Creepy and very sad at the same time.

Zeno Lorea
No we will not get tired of our lazy sundays!
It's 6:15 pm out here, the whole city is a pedestrian precinct today, like every year on this day, and I went for long walks with my dog to outdoor activities from one neighborhood to the next. Now I'm home and I've just had Moroccan mint tea with Argentine alfajores while watching the Laurel and Hardy episode of the tv show "This is your life" on youtube.

At 7:00 pm my dog and I will walk to the train station to pick up my boyfriend who's been away to his hometown, and then we'll have pancakes at the gay karaoke bar across the town square. We'll probably end the day reading a good book.

No classes, no interviews, no genealogy, no "Chinese volunteers" doing chores.

Re: Will we ever get tired of this?
My "me" time has always been important to me. No one could ever accuse me of being a workaholic. So I'm absolutely thrilled that I now have more "me" time. :o)

I'm so with you here...
Making fragrant coffee, eating a bowl of local wild huckleberries picked by Yakama Indians, reading our local fish wrapper, getting ready at my own speed, and going to the farmers' market, where sometimes all I do is mill about drinking lemonade and munching kettle corn.

Yo ho!, yo ho!, it's an apostate's life for me. (It's true. I've probably been to Disneyland too many times.)

CA girl
My DH, after weeks of skipping church, got it in his mind that he wanted to go to Sacrament meeting today. At least we have the later meeting so I was able to snack on conchas I bought at the local Mexican grocery and have a Starbucks coffee to give me courage. Oh, and my Kindle arrived and is charged and loaded with books so I won't be totally bored.

I like to accompany him to Sacrament meeting because when he feels supported in his beliefs, he is much more understanding of my disbelief. I think he'll come to his sense eventually so I can be patient. The funny thing is, he almost always falls asleep in Sacrament meeting then leaves before SS and priesthood because he wants a nap. And at least he isn't getting brainwashed while he is there. The only thing I put my foot down on is I won't go to fast and testimony meeting because it's just painful to listen to the ridiculous theories and the brainwashing. So if I go today, then I'll get 3 Sundays off in a row between fast Sunday, conference and a vacation we have planned. Still, I'd rather be you today.

CA girl
Socrates - sounds like you live across the street from my bishop lol
> one of the most ignorant/arrogant people I've ever met. He is the classic, full of himself, with no plausible reason to be full himself, kind of guy.

The only difference is I have actually seen the bishop's wife look happy ... when she is far away from him and talking about something other than the church. At church things she looks stressed and nervously happy but still, I rarely see her speaking to her DH or even within arms length of him.

One Sunday we were on the lake on a friend's speedboat racing around and we asked ourselves "I wonder what the bishop's family is doing now?" We had a good laugh about that because we knew they weren't having nearly the fun we were. Even TBM DH thought we were better off.

OK, I give up. Where are you? Wherever it is, it sure sounds like you're having a good time. nt 

Re: Will we ever get tired of this?
Ever since I have told my husband how I feel about the church I have asked him every Saturday night and Sunday morning if he wants to go to church the next morning. I've said I will go with him etc.
He hasn't wanted to go yet. These past few sundays have been so nice going to the playground with the kids, an early lunch, an early nap.
We've already had a lovely and relaxing day and it's only noon!

Re: Will we ever get tired of this?
After being out 6 yrs, it still puts a smile on my face, knowing I'm not stressing out and wasting my time with church any more. I love leisurely Sundays. We still try not to shop or do many projects on Sundays because it's so nice to have a day to chill out, relax, enjoy the kids and each other's company. We usually have Saturday movie night with the kids and keep them up late, in hopes they'll sleep in later than the normal 7:00 schedule. Sometimes works, but not always. I always dreaded and hated Sundays when we still went to church. It's nice to have taken that day back from the church. I own it now, not them, and I do with it what I want now.

Re: I'm so with you here...
It's Talk like a Pirate day today too, so you're right in step with it. :o)

Re: Will we ever get tired of this?
Aww, geez. It doesn't go underneath the one you're replying to. LOL I was talkin' to cludgie. Arhhh!

Funny. When I opened my eyes this morning I thought
how happy I was that it was Sunday.

Sunday morning means a giant mug of D A R K coffee reading RFM.

All my life I dreaded Sundays. Sundays used to mean waking up earlier than my body wanted to, scrambling to get dressed in "suit drag" scarfing down a piece of toast and racing to cult just to sit in a pew being lectured on how I'll never measure up.

Loving my Sundays!
So peaceful... not having to run to church and stress about callings.. I love having my Sundays to me and my family... and off the subject.. I was just thinking.. I would love to mark (LIKE) on some posts rather than comment.. (like on FB) just a suggestion =)

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