Life After Mormonism

Is better to leave Mormonism cold turkey or gradually?

MntZerin Aug 2012

I’m currently a recommend holding active member of the church. I was born and raised in the church and did all the things I was suppose to do. I've been blessed with a lovely wife and a young family. All my extended family, in-laws, and friends are recommend holding members.

Why is it so hard to "deprogram", trying to understand.

notsurewhattothink Aug 2012

Hi there,

I have to admit, I am having a really hard time "breaking" commandments which I know are not true, but were still a part of my life for so long.

Why don't you come to church anymore (sob!!!!)

Utah county mom Aug 2012

Yesterday evening an old friend from the ward we live in came by to see how I was doing. She tried once again to dig into my heart and find out why the kids and I longer attend Church. I did not give her that information. I told her I was just fine--my job is going well, my kids are okay, etc. She said she respected my choices and then said in a tone of doom: it is your choice, Utah County Mom?

Depression better or cured after leaving Mormonism?

absolutelyunsure July 2012

So, with Utah using so many anti-depressants is there any proof, quantitative or anecdotal that shows when people leave the morg that their depression lessens or is cured? I am just looking for anything that might help some people very close to me.

Rude Mormons at an Ex-Mormon's funeral

motherfreaker July 2012

A former member of the church passed away last week and he left specific instructions that he was not to have an LDS funeral nor was there to be anyone from the church involved in his service. His ex-mo wife arranged to have the funeral at the local funeral home and his obituary was printed in the local paper with the day and time of his funeral listed.

Did You Remain Religious After Mormonism?

Ex-CultMember July 2012

After leaving Mormonism did you remain religious or did you become an atheist/agnostic. If you did remain religious, what religion or faith did you maintain and did you join any church or religious organization.

What are the exit costs of leaving the LDS church?

derrida July 2012

You can lose your family. But isn't that true of all religions?

Shunning. You can be shunned. But all religious communities do that, right?

Being In Leadership Eventually Led To My Exit


Ironic isnt it?

I was one of the golden boys.

Why can seeing old members from the ward, even after a couple of years, be so bizarre an experience?

by derrida May 2012

Went out to lunch with ds [dear son] and dd dear daughter] and lo and behold as I enter the restaurant I hear a "Well hi Brother Derrida!"

How has assisted your exodus from the Church?

by Lizard Apr 2012

I'm writing a virtual ethnography paper for my folklore class. I live in Logan, Utah, where almost everybody is LDS. I have to present the paper in class on Friday, and I'd love to get some individual participation and comments from members on this site. This site was hugely important to me while I was leaving the Church. I'd appreciate any comments you have to give!