Life After Mormonism

"Are you happier since you've left the church?"

Mormoney May 2013

First of all, what kind of a question is this, and what relevance does it have? I was asked this by a missionary who randomly knocked on my door and I informed them that I am an exmormon and have resigned my membership. We discussed some doctrinal issues. At one point he asked if I was happier being out of the church, as if to imply that if I felt less happy, it was a result of rejecting the "truth" and no longer having the "spirit".

What to believe in?

seabiscuit April 2013

After deciding to leave TSCC [this so called church], my Wife and I are finding it hard to believe ANYTHING that has to do with Christianity. It sounds so strange to say (to me at least), but I don't think I believe in any of that stuff (Jesus, Bible, etc) after discovering the fraud of TSCC.

Does the anger ever end????

wendybird Mar. 2013

I resigned from the church over 8 years ago and thought I had resolved most things and moved on. Lately my rage has returned towards the Mormon faith and all Mormons in general. My daughter has turned 16 and has a full and normal life free of the Mormon machine. I look at her and see how much the church stole and destroyed my youth.

Leaving Mormonism how long does it take to start feeling better?

notanymore Dec. 2012

I absolutely LOVE not being a Mormon and I am just ecstatic to know the truth and be 100% free. But the aftermath has been just depressing. It's been almost a year since learning the truth and leaving and life has gradually improved since first telling friends and family. But then Christmas came and it feels like I'm at square one again. The holidays were horrible dealing with family.

My First twitches of understanding why you are angry

roxy Oct. 2012

Ok I'm starting to get it now, I think i have been on this site maybe 4-5 months give or take, and I just didn't get a lot of the anger sometimes, (except for those being shunned etc - i got that!) but just general anger towards the church etc. Just wanted to tell you all I am starting to enter that phase and I now understand!

I have been trying to be so brave. But I am terrified.

ambivalent exmo Oct. 2012

I cannot reconcile the paradox. How do I go on? Oh god, I feel so alone. My mother in laws comments sent me spinning. Who am I now?
I was lying when I said I was OK. What in hell do I do with this new knowledge? I am so lost.

Ridiculous things Mormons (TBMs) say to us

icedlatte Sep. 2012

-What are you going to do if one of your kids gets sick? You can't give them a priesthood blessing!!! (oh no! Whatever will we do without the magic olive oil?!?)

-So when do you think you'll come back? (uh, never, that's why we resigned)

email bishop sent out when i resigned

templenameaaron Sep. 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the ... ward,

This is a difficult time for our ward family as some of our fellow ward members whom we love have openly questioned their faith and testimony. As one of the Lord's "watchmen on the tower", I feel impressed to sound a voice of warning. There is safety in studying and living the gospel of Jesus Christ each day, following the prophet and sustaining our Church leaders, and keeping our covenants.

JWs at my door remind me that church hurts

Nightingale Sep. 2012

Early Saturday morning door knocks are particularly unwelcome at my house as I'm usually rushing to be somewhere, and usually late with it. It is never somebody I want to talk to at that time, not even if it's little girls wanting my bottles for their baseball team. Magnify to the nth degree the extent of unwelcomeness I feel towards religious callers.

Lesson learned and the wheels keep turning...

ambivalent exmo Sep 2012

Although I finally made an appointment to go see a therapist,
It's 2 weeks off. So you all get to be my shrink for a few more days...

Dear Dr. RFM:
On saying no: