Life After Mormonism

Why? Do mormons act like an ex mormon knows nothing about the teachings of the church?

by Mia Apr 2012

They act like you suddenly have no information or knowledge of the church once you decide t leave it.
Husband and I both went from teaching adult classes and attending the temple to being inactive within a week. Now there are members who talk to us like we know nothing about the church. The truth is, we are more knowledgeable than they are.

"Not Sufficiently Converted" - Ouch!

by Changed Man Apr 2012

I was subjected to listening to Conference at home last weekend, and in the Saturday morning session, Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy stood up and spoke about being converted to the gospel. It was the normal fluff and crap, but I bristled when he said:
"We often wonder: How can someone be fully active in the Church as a youth and then not be when they are older?

what was your first reaction when you learned the truth about Mormonism?

by nitsua6554 Mar 2012

When I first started hearing the truth I had such bad anxiety I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was "oh s***."

I figure I've given $100,000 in tithing. Am I alone? What have others given?

by doubleb Mar 2012

Just curious how much has been given cumulatively by exmo's. I figure that I gave about $100,000 before pulling the plug. You? Anyone know precisely what they gave?

I feel so incredibly duped by the Mormon Church

by myselfagain Feb 2012

It's week 2 into my leaving TSCC [this so called church] saga. The first week I just felt so incredibly relieved and thrilled that I was going to be true to myself and not some guy with a 'mantle' who does not know what is good for me. Now, I am in the feeling really stupid phase.

I know she's just trying to be nice...

by nowI'mfound Feb 2012

summary: "in Mormonism, being kind "just because" is rare. Typically, it's because someone said you should or because you've been assigned. Normal people would never have to say, "And no one told me to come either." It would be implied in the fact that they showed up. Normal people aren't assigned to be nice. They do it because they want to."

Tempted to go back to the Mormon church

by momme25 Jan 2012

I’ve never posted here before but this decision has been tormenting me for months now. Perhaps if anyone has any advice or has ever been in a similar situation I would be very grateful for your words.

Letter from former Mormon Church Educational System [CES] Colleague imploring me to come back.

by ken

"Brother Clark has left the church," I said this reluctantly and with much reservation. He was sure I was lying. "No!" he said matter-of-factly. Yes. "There is NO WAY.... Not Brother Clark!!!"

I am French and used to think that I was somewhat special because I had become a member of the Mormon Church

by angelina5 Jan 2012

"true church" and most French individuals are atheist. What does it make me now??? A rare French idiot??? My folks know better, they called out the cultish tendencies of the Church. Ah ah!

I had my first cup of coffee yesterday

By angelina5 Dec 2011

I am researching the origin of the Word of Wisdom and its application during the early years of the Church. Did I really believe that drinking coffee or tea would prevent me from going to Heaven??? I realize now how comical it is.