Life After Mormonism

It's hard to slow down

by introvertedme dec 2011

I'll include some of this in my exit story, but was thinking about it this morning. I'm working on untangling what is truly part of my personality and what has been so ingrained and indocrinated in me that I think it's part of me when it really isn't.

Will we ever get tired of this? - Relaxing Sundays

by Ihidmyself

Beautiful quiet Sunday morning. Just made some coffee and read the paper. Will probably fix pancakes when the kids wake up. I'll mow the lawn later this morning but its cool outside so it should be less of a chore. Maybe we'll go for a picnic or something later on today.

"You've changed"

by heather Dec 2011

I hear "you've changed" often enough to get me thinking about if I have actually changed or not.

I may have written about this before, but oh well.

Some parts of me are exactly the same as when I was a TBM. I fear the same things, I still enjoy the same hobbies, and I still have the same personality traits.