Poor = Unworthy

Tupperwhere June 2013

That's something that always bothered me about the church. My family was pretty well off. We lived in a nice sub-division full of dr's, dentists, lawyers. One part of our ward was across a busy street in another sub-division. It wasn't poor like a slum, it was just more middle and lower class. Or so I was often reminded by my family and other ward members.

Email exchange with bishop regarding masturbation

copostmo June 2013

I resigned my membership in the Church a few months ago. My wife and kids are still active. My son turns 14 later this month, and a few weeks ago, I met with our bishop to express my desire that he not discuss the private details of my children’s sexuality during his interviews with them.

Your Money or Your Eternal Life!

anointedone June 2013

Excellent post by Steve Bloor, a former bishop, showing tithing is not a voluntary donation but coercion by a fraudulent organisation. I have his permission to re-post on this board. In my own case I was conned out of far more than the figure stated in the title but that ($100,000) would be typical for many, low for some and high for others.

"Are you happier since you've left the church?"

Mormoney May 2013

First of all, what kind of a question is this, and what relevance does it have? I was asked this by a missionary who randomly knocked on my door and I informed them that I am an exmormon and have resigned my membership. We discussed some doctrinal issues. At one point he asked if I was happier being out of the church, as if to imply that if I felt less happy, it was a result of rejecting the "truth" and no longer having the "spirit".

Disappearing Generation of Lamanites

Simon in Oz May 2013

Hi Folks,

In the final death-throes of apologetic responses to the decimating DNA, the church’s official unofficial scripture-twisting BYU-funded excuse makers have claimed that we wouldn’t expect to find Lamanite DNA because it has been diluted away beyond detection. Yes, these prophet-dismissing testimony tramplers now believe that the disappearance of Lamanite genes is sort of exactly what they expected based on their latest twist of scripture.

Currently serving missionary, want out!!

BuriedEgo May 2013

So I'm completely breaking the rules by even reading this site but I have an iPod touch and no one needs to know. I am currently serving a mission, like I'm in the field right now. I have been out a year and have found I can't wait till its over so I can go home and start a new life, without the church. I find it hard to believe any of the crap I'm supposed to be teaching. I came on my mission mostly out if the old "Mormon guilt" trick for putting my parents through hell as a teenager.

More Nail-Pounding into the Mormon Church's "Lamanite DNA" Coffin . . .

steve benson May 2013

--The Scientific Evidence Against the Mormon Church’s Claim of a Genetic Link Between Book of Mormon “Lamanites,” Present-day Native Americans and Semitic DNA

From “Bedrock of a Faith Is Jolted,“ by William Lobell, as published in the “Los Angeles Times”:

What to believe in?

seabiscuit April 2013

After deciding to leave TSCC [this so called church], my Wife and I are finding it hard to believe ANYTHING that has to do with Christianity. It sounds so strange to say (to me at least), but I don't think I believe in any of that stuff (Jesus, Bible, etc) after discovering the fraud of TSCC.

The church is not a social club.

dk April 2013

In a post a few weeks back, I and others mentioned hearing the powers that be in the church say, "The church is not a social club." After that, activities really seem to go downhill. Some churches even have time after services where people can socialize over coffee and cookies. What a concept.

Dear Parents, I am not responsible for your feelings

NoName April 2013

Don't blame me for throwing you for a loop and hurting you. I did not hurt you. You chose to be hurt. I am a good person and I think deep down you know that. So I left the church. So I moved in with my BF. I am an adult and I made choices. I'm also very smart, honest, I have a good job and I am closing in on a doctorate. I'm successful and happy. I am also marrying an incredible man this year.

I was raised to be RACIST

pewsitter April 2013

As a child we spent most of lives influenced by church doctrines. There was no internet and the books we had access to were written by the church. We had to relied on Church Authorities and CES to provide us with the truth. We had access to Mormon Doctrine and of course the book Moses and the book of abraham.

Did Mormonism make you feel "never good enough?"

tilliegilman Apr. 2013

I'm thinking about this because one of my tbm [mormon] childhood friends posted online that no matter how hard he tries, he always feels he's falling short. I remember that feeling. It stayed with me for years after I left the church. It took a while to accept that I'm OK just doing my best. Is this a common experience?

Confusing, Vacillating, Befuddling and Constantly Adrift Official Mormon Church Doctrine on God ...

steve benson Apr. 2013

BYU professor of history, Thomas G. Alexander, in his ground-breaking research, "The Reconstruction of Mormon Doctrine: From Joseph Smith to Progressive Theology," lays down an expansive trail of the Mormon Church's historically incomplete, self-negating, wavering, flip-flopping, morphing, perplexing and indeterminate official stances on the core bedrock of its much-ballyhooed "divinely-revealed" doctrine

Turns out advanced ancient civilizations leave a lot of stuff behind

pandora Mar. 2013

I visited the Asian Art Museum in SF today to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. It was amazing. There were swords, things for horses and chariots, beautiful warriors and armor. Even a small gold belt buckle was on display which made me think about all the small day to day things that remain long after the people who used them are gone. All of these artifacts were from around 200 bc or 600 years before the great battle at the hill cumorah.

Church promises. Family Home Evening

fnawesome Mar, 2013

Does anyone remember the promise the church gave for family home was something along the lines of if we have family home evening (religiously-pun intended) that NONE of our kids would fall away from the church! Is that just MY recollection or was that made up my my TBM [Mormon] parents to get us ready for the "control"?

Apostle Holland Example on Personal Revelation

vastique Mar. 2013

For whatever reason I was torturing myself with reading biographies of the henchma. . . . um . . I mean "apostles". Came across this lil gem below.

Now, THAT is skill. To be able to turn on a dime and change an abject failure into a "teaching moment".

Does the anger ever end????

wendybird Mar. 2013

I resigned from the church over 8 years ago and thought I had resolved most things and moved on. Lately my rage has returned towards the Mormon faith and all Mormons in general. My daughter has turned 16 and has a full and normal life free of the Mormon machine. I look at her and see how much the church stole and destroyed my youth.

Mormon Mission to Japan - Steve Benson

steve benson Mar 2013

--Getting the "Call to Serve"

I remember how much my grandfather, Ezra Taft Benson, loved Asia, how he often told me that growing up and, in fact, how he sent me a postcard from Asia when I was a teenager letting me know that I would love that area and its Mormon Gospel-devoted Saints, too, should I go there on my mission.