Being asked to lie by the Stake Presidency

Odell Campbell Nov. 2013

Last night I was recalling some leadership fiascos/experiences in LDS Church. Once, when I was a first counselor in a bishopric, I received a call from a member of the stake presidency. He told me that they had just released a sister from our ward from a stake calling.

Is there any aspect of a Mormon's life that is NOT micro-managed

spaghetti oh Nov. 2013

Just one of those 3am starring at the ceiling thoughts.

There must be some bits of life untouched by the morg (for a TBM), yes?

Mormon Apostles Explain Away the Contradictory Versions First Vision

steve benson Nov. 2013

When it comes to trying to square up all the contradictory accounts of Joseph Smith's "First Vision," two Mormon apostles demonstrated to me that they couldn't see the forest because of the grove of trees.

Outting the Mormon Cult on Its "Strengthening the Members Committee"-

steve benson Oct. 2013

Let's examine the sophistry spun by the Mormon Cult on its secretive spy agency, otherwise known as the "Strengthening the Members Committee."

A friend of mine mentioned Uchtdorf - Conference Oct. 2013

steve benson Oct 2013

I was walking into the office this morning and passed a co-worker on the sidewalk--a lapsed Mormon who hasn't been a believer for years. As we greeted each other, he asked, "Did you watch Conference?"

I smiled and replied, "No. I don't do that anymore."

He responded with his own smile, "Uchtdorf said the leaders of the Church have made mistakes and that that doesn't mean people who criticize them have sinned."

Another Mormon Sex Abuse Case - Martinsburg WV

Christopher Michael Jensen, 22, of Cheswick Drive, Martinsburg, was found guilty of one count of first-degree sexual assault and two counts of sexual abuse by a custodian Feb. 6 following a jury trial in Berkeley County Circuit Court.

David O. McKay's Faith-Promoting Volcano Tale Blows Up in His Face . . . new

steve benson Oct. 2013

Did a Lava-Hot Attraction Between President McKay and Secretary Middlemiss Put an Inconvenient Cork in This Inspirationally Fiery Story?

Elder Oaks spoke in Atlanta today - here is my report

AtlantaAnonMember Oct. 2013

Elder Oaks opened the meeting by saying the number of missionaries has recently increased by close to 50% and the church doesn't exactly know how to keep them busy. He mentioned that this is a particular concern for North America, not necessarily the rest of the world. He referenced the missionary age change as a revelation from the lord.

Christopher Michael Jensen and LDS Inc. - lawsuit. BIG ONE

Susan I/S Oct. 2013

MARTINSBURG - A lawsuit filed in Berkeley County against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, and local church officials accuses church leaders of covering up allegations that the son of local church officials sexually abused 12 children over the course of more than five years. ...the suit alleges that the church, through its leaders, has tried to intimidate the families of the children suing the church and has allegedly directed fellow church members to try to convince them to abandon their claims "lest they run afoul of church teachings regarding forgiveness,

My week so far as an active Mormon

greatstanding Sep 2013

I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I have had my eyes opened by this board, and appreciate the candor and sincerity of most of the posts. I also enjoy the funny stuff here. I am BIC, live in the heart of the morridor, RM. One of the recurring themes on RfM is the amount of time required to be TBM. My week has gone like this:

Did any of you ever stress out getting ready on a Sunday morning?

oncewasblind Sep 2013

I mean like in my family when we were kids my dad would get himself ready for church then goes and sits down reading his scriptures or doing some paperwork for his calling then my mother would start yelling at him to help get the kid's ready. I mean sunday mornings at my house when we were kids was chaotic.

Mormon Missionaries $125 per month for food

thedesertrat1 Sep 2013

Yesterday afternoon the new "elders" in our ward showed up to visit. They were polite. I ws not rude. we talked about the usual things, where ya frum, how old R ya, etc. Then I asked them how much money they were allowed each month. Their answer was shocking to me. $125.00 each!

Push-back in Africa

left4good Sep. 2013

A black former bishop posted a very interesting on-line piece regarding Blacks and the priesthood.
"The peculiar assertion that the Mormon Church itself does not know the details of its very own race-based policy of restricting the Blacks from holding the Priesthood is tremendously embarrassing for all Mormons and exceptionally degrading for anyone who actually believes it."

Hope to inspire others to take a stand!

Anon0000 Sep 2013

I am asking for a personal favor by those who frequent this board.

Let me start with my story. I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but was raised in Rexburg, Idaho. I was raised in a prominent LDS family. Our lives revolved around the church, and mormonism is still the pillar that supports the entirety of my family with the exception of me and a few other black sheep.

Providing Cover on Joe's Lovers: Emma Was a Money-Minded Co-Conspirator...

steve benson Sep 2013

. . . who--in silence and deceit on both the nature of Mormonism and the abominable antics of her husband--ran conscious interference for Joe's despicable personal behavior and for the fraudulent cult that he concocted. There is a wealth of evidence to support that conclusion, including that provided by examination of Emma's money fights with Mormon Church

Need help. My Mormon [TBM] friend is doubting...

wolfsbane Sep 2013

My lifelong TBM friend just called to tell me he is going to research the truth about the church. He stumbled onto and it really shook his faith that the church has never taught any of this. He knew Joseph Smith was a polygamist but was unaware of polyandry and 14 year old girls.

So he wants to know what the sources are for all of this.

1st bitter experience with family finding out

truly82 Aug 2013

So my husbands brother had a baby and is having it blessed this Sunday. They are having a luncheon after. We have just recently resigned and have not told any family yet. We have also not decided how we want to go about telling family, but I don't want to do it by text message. We have chosen to still support family and their decisions but we don't feel comfortable bringing our young children to certain functions, like blessings or baptisms

FARMS Rushed to Defend the White Salamander

steve benson Aug 2013

If, in fact, the Book of Mormon gold plates were delivered to Joseph Smith not by an angel but by a white salamander (as Mark Hofmann's eventually exposed. forged Martin Harris letter claimed), then, back when that news broke, the Mormon Church had some big-time explainin' to do.

A question to long time exmos - fear of leaving

Bartok Aug. 2013

Hello my lovely exmormon posters! This is my first time posting and I have a question i was hoping you guys could answer. So long story short is I was preparing for my mission and I came across the book of Abraham problem that really shook me, and also led to a downward spiral of finding Everything out about the church.