Anyone else angry that their parents put the church before their families?

anonthistime Aug 2013

I know there are Mormon parents all over the world whose children take a backseat to the church. This is an area that I've struggled with and I don't know why I'm so bothered by it even years later. Perhaps, sharing my story will help me a little.

On a mission. How can I leave??

setmefree Aug 2013

Hey guys I've been on a mission for almost a year now and have been secretly researching about the church because even though I've always been a firm believer for some reason i kind of woke up in the mtc. Now i have decided i need to get out. i can't keep lying anymore. i can't keep promoting Joseph smiths scam.

My 8 month mission experience new

pathist Aug 2013

I've been meaning to post this for a while now as a resource for anyone who is thinking about or is already on an LDS mission.

I am BIC and have been a member my whole life. I went to seminary, stayed active in church,

So when do members hear the official head in hat with seer stones lesson?

dk Aug 2013

A while back, someone posted an official primary lesson that talked about JS translating the BOM from gold plates. So, when do members hear the lesson that says JS translated the BOM by putting his head in a hat with seer stones?

[Note: The hat and seer stone was mentioned in a 1993 Ensign, but never incorporated into official lesson manuals.]

Did Joseph Smith Produce Children in Polygamous Relationships

steve benson July 2013

What, if any, DNA evidence exists indicating that Joseph Smith fathered children through his polygamous escapades and not through his marriage to his first wife, Emma?

Helpful Links on Mormonism

The Oncoming Storm - bc Jul;y 2013

I've occasionally posted what I consider to be some of the best links regarding problems with Mormonism 101. These could be useful if you are talking to a Mormon who is beginning to have doubts or who is at least willing to listen.

Too Busy Serving God To Help Family

pewsitter July 2013

I have a sister that is one of the seminary teachers in her ward. her husband is in the bishopric. They lived with my parents for 8 years and paid no rent when they were first married. They live about 30 minutes from my parents. My parents need help taking care of themselves and my seminary teaching sister and her bishopric member husband are too busy with church callings to help.

One year of official freedom!! new

fidget July 2013

Exactly one year ago, I walked out to my mailbox and found my official letter of freedom.

The LDS corporation said they stole my blessings, but I've seen more blessings in the last year not being a member.

It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but one of the best.

All of you in rfm have been amazingly awesome! :)

The Internet is Destroying Mormonism


Superb succinct 6:30 minute YouTube clip that summarizes how it's all falling apart AND the Swedish "Rescue" transcript.

My weekly moment of humiliation

procrusteanchurch July 2013

Unfortunately, I am stuck attending church every week for the sake of my marriage. I no longer partake of the sacrament, and I'm sure people notice - particularly when my young son asks my wife in a loud whisper, "Why isn't daddy taking the sacrament?"

How Long Did You Lurk on RFM Before Posting?

Ex-CultMember July 2013

I'm often surprised by the number of posters who begin their post with, "long time lurker, first time poster..."

Believed in Mormonism for 85 years

thelameduck July 2013

Born in the twenties.
Raised as an active member.
Served a 2 ½ year mission.
Served in the Army during the Korean War.
Married in the Temple: 8 children.

Notes of June 23 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast

jiminycricket June 2013

While streaming the broadcast live on my windows media player, I sat at my wonderful new IBM clicky-keyboard and wrote the following. Every so often I would get bored and would look over to the video to see the deathly panic in the eyes of the apostles speaking. This was truly a VERY BORING - UNINSPIRING BROADCAST.

Called to be a Chapel Missionary

pewsitter June 2013

A Mormon disabled friend called me today. He and his wife had a meeting with their SP [stake president] last night. is SP told them the church was starting a new missionary program where the missionaries would be at the chapel every day giving tours of the building, lessons to investigators and less active members.

I used tithing to pay off the house

evergreen June 2013

Instead of paying tithing the last 5 years, I saved the money and paid off the house this week. Woohoo!!!!!!!!

D&C 132 - Your Thoughts as a Mormon

Ex-CultMember June 2013

So, somehow LDS Inc has NOT subtly taken out or changed the wording in D&C 132, which to me is one of the most appalling and testimony damaging official, church approved literature out there.

Analysis of latest LD$ Church financial data filed w/ Canada's tax agency.

Widget June 2013

The CRA info. reveals that the LDS Church has played a money shell-game with "tithes and offerings" from duped and sacrificing Canadian members. Latter-day Saints have been kept in the dark by Mormonism's senior priesthood leadership about how their donated funds have been used. Thankfully, regulations in Canada and some other nations have forced the "true" corporation partially pull back its financial curtain.

Hinckley's Record as a Prophet

steve benson June 2013

From the Flip-Flop-It "Prophet":

Gordon B. Hinckley defends historic doctrinal Mormon racism but says he doesn't understand the basis for it.

Plus, other GBH gems

Reactivation attempt?

pigsinzen June 2013

My neighbor, who also happens to be 1st counselor in the bishopric, stopped by tonight to drop off a Hersey's bar with a Happy Father's day note. He was with two of his sons and he was still full suit and tie. Mind you this was 3 1/2 hours after their block ended. A nd his car was gone for most of the day. I 'm so glad he got to spend time with his kids on Father's day. Anyways, I appreciate the chocolate and all. But I couldn't help being reminded about the recent posts on here about how they are going to try and reactivate the inactives.