You are just in rebellion with the Mormon Church

by Jesus Smith June 2012

Have you heard this one: Your apostasy is about a rebellion against the church or god because things didn't go like you wanted.

Yep. True. The LDS leaders turned out to be a fraud and running a scam. Heaven and celestial promises of godly powers are just bait to get our tithing. I'm rebelling because these ass-hats are like the parents that abuse you.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
Oh yes.. that's the common way of thinking.


Re: "You're just in rebellion."
How about "You're just prideful."

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
Yes, I have heard that before. Other common ones are:

Who offended you?

What commandment couldn't you keep?

I thought about this for a few moments
and decided, "Okay, I'll go for that!!!" I told my TBM daughter a while back--I'm a sinner. She cut me off mid sentence and I said to her, "Allow me to be a sinner. I was such a good girl for SO LONG."

I never rebelled. My siblings did--almost all of them--even my very TBM BIL rebelled big time--and I NEVER DID. All my cousins on my dad's side--wild. All my friends in high school rebelled. (And now all the above are perfect little mormons.) Not I.

Oh--how I love being a rebel FINALLY.


That's odd, when I left my family's church for yours, you called it repentance.

They're right.
I am in rebellion. I really really wanted the church to be true, but things didn't turn out how I wanted.

Brother Of Jerry
Funny, that's exactly what the FLDS say about the LDS. Goose. Gander.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
It's funny, I've also heard it the other way around. A guy in my singles ward, one of the nicest guys I've ever known, was secretly a non-believer who finally couldn't handle it anymore and went inactive. It was right around the time he finished dental school.

One of the women in the ward said he quit church because things were going so well for him that he "no longer needed the church." I was biting my tongue on that one!

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
"You don't need to leave the church to rebel or sin. People drink, cheat their neighbors, sleep around, and come to church every Sunday."
I've heard this from Catholics.
Along with "You just don't like authority."

My response is usually "Yep, but neither of those facts make your deity plausible."

Re: Funny, that's exactly what the FLDS say about the LDS. Goose. Gander.
Funny how that works. Mormons are fine with you changing your mind regarding religious beliefs as long as you change to agree with them but not okay if changing your mind means that you now disagree with them.
Re: "You're just in rebellion."
The church is infamous for pinning a destroyed relationship between the member and the church on the victim. "It's all your fault because your sins are xyz! thats why you fell away from the church! I am perfect, I cannot do anything wrong. If I relationship is destroyed it's because something is wrong with YOU, not ME."

Would you be in a relationship with a person like this? then why would you be in a church like this? If anyone or anything claims that it is "perfect"... RUN. There is no such thing as perfection in this world.

Ahem... back to the topic of rebellion. Why does rebellion get such a bad reputation? Rebellion is a way of saying,"You are expecting me to live up to your ideals, when I have my own that I want to live by. I disapprove of your attempt to rule over me." Order is important, dictation is unneccesary. When dictation overrides what was originally order, rebellion is necessary. However, sometimes rebellion is premature, this often comes from people who have too much pride. There can be evils on both sides... but I believe rebellion deserves a better reputation. America would not be what it is without it.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
"Who offended you?"

I got that one so many times. What are they going to do? Go after that person and make him feel like garbage for "denying me eternal salvation"? Try to get my tithing money from him?

So many times with them it felt like I was calling my cable company to cancel and they were trying to keep me as a customer.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
What's wrong with being in rebellion? The Rebels in Star Wars were the good guys. The rebels during the American Revolution are America's heros.

steve benson
That's what the British Crown said to the rebellious Mormon God-inspired colonists/founders. A good rebellion is in the eye of the beholder. 

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
Yes my mama tells me this sometimes. "I'm rebelling against her and the church." I should also point out I'm 32 with a family of my own not a confused teenager

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
I get, "You're just angry," to which I reply, "What exactly am I angry at?" They don't answer, but they clearly have something in mind which must have made me mad.
Stray Mutt
My sister told her kids that I was "just confused."
Sure, confused for 40 years.

Meanwhile, about a third of her many kids (all adults now) have waved the church goodbye to one degree or another.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
yes, I am!

and there is nothing wrong with that. I was a model member for the MORmONS until I found out just exactly how rotten and dishonest LDS leaders really were, and how they had abused my trust that had been extended to them.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
Yep! An I should have rebelled a lot sooner. What's taking you so long?

"Here at least
we shall be free; the Almighty hath not built
Here for his envy, will not drive us hence:
Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
to reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven..."

John Milton, "Paradise Lost"

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
When I left, my mom told everyone I was going down a "destructive path". Hahaha leaving a cult is destructive? Uh okay? I could be doing drugs or stealing cars but noo, leaving an indocrinating, disgusting cult is destructive.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson also rebelled against the King of England because things didn't go the way they wanted. Just saying.

Jesus Smith
Re: "You're just in rebellion."
And Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers and refused to stop helping the invalids on sabbath. Are you going to crucify me too?


Oppression, by its very nature, breeds rebellion.
So, yeah, I'm hip to that!


Re: "You're just in rebellion."
“Kicking against the Pricks”

For sure....the Church is full of them and I'm kicking as hard as I can.

Re: "You're just in rebellion."
How find it too hard to be obedient !

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