The Mormon Church is More Important Than You

blueorchid July 2012

Ever have one of those annoying people in your life that can turn any situation into being about them?

All of life's big events--birth, marriage, death---the TSCC [this so called church] is right there to steal the show. Just when it should be the most personal, the most intimate moment for family and friends, it is suddenly, inexplicably about them--the mormons. Their insinuation into these moments in life is no coincidence. It is control at it's finest.

There is the exclusion from the wedding to make sure you know you are not one of the elite, not really important enough to your son or daughter to be there, to share---not worthy. You stand outside and everyone sees your decreased status. This day was not about love and a new beginning. The point is clear. The church is more important than you.

There is the faith promoting funeral with the grief stricken in shock that their loved one is barely mentioned. The Plan of Salvation is presented in all it's shining glory, the point being that you won't see your loved one again, because you are not worthy. This is the solace that you are offered for your aching loss and desolation.

There is the father watching someone else bless his baby. He is the father. but more importantly, he is not worthy and we need to make sure everyone sees this unworthy father NOT bless his baby. Is this family being bound together or torn apart? I have been there to see it. It is in the air, thick, that feeling that this father has let his family down, is not doing the best for his family because he has not followed their rules. He is unworthy. That is the message on this day. Do not believe the blessing was about a child.

This is the church at its best. This is the church wrapping it's power around your throat when you are at your most vulnerable, insinuating itself as the most important player in the most important events of your life, relegating you to the role of spectator, nose pressed up against the window.

Clever this. The mind connects the church inextricably to our most treasured passages and binds them tightly and in so doing bequeaths center stage to the church.

It works so well. Clever this.

They count on us taking the high road. What apostate wants to cause discomfort to his family at such a time as this? What 'unworthy' parent wants to ruin the wedding and so allows the TSCC to ruin them instead? What 'fallen' child wants to stand and leave his father's funeral in the middle, sickened at the message being served. No. Our mother is thrilled with this message and yet crying and so we sit there, an arm around her and we give.

We give. They take. It is all a control tactic. We know this. We also know that almost all choices that an exmo in a TBM family can make are really 'Sophie's choices'.

You can take the high road, or you can take the low road, but they both have the same destination. Clever this.

I prefer the road outta there.

Bravo!! Bravo!!
Should give anyone pause who believes joining Mormonism will "help" them raise a family.

You better damn well hope there's an afterlife, convert, because you have just entered Hell on Earth. You just don't know it yet.

It gets better....on the other side (of the veil).


Re: Bravo!! Bravo!!
Thank you Anagrammy. Ever since the shock of my father's funeral I have been obsessed with how they tighten the noose when you are at your weakest.
Re: The Mormon Church is More Important Than You
This is the best piece to present when someone asks why exMos loathe TSCC and call it despicable.
Re: The Mormon Church is More Important Than You
Most Protestant churches are a help to families and individuals in coming to Christ. The Mormon church makes similar claims that the family unit is the center of the church, society, etc. But, the reality is that the church becomes the center piece of everything. Some members (husband or wife or both) are married to the church more than their spouse. The church is first (not God) and family is second.
Re: The Mormon Church is More Important Than You
The church is a consumer rather than a provider. It's based on "you'll get your reward in the next life." In the meantime, the church's assets keep accumulating.

"Life's a [continual struggle to serve Mormonism], and then you die."

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Very well written piece. It describes Mormonism so very well. Thank you.
Re: The Mormon Church is More Important Than You
Very well said blueorchid. The church drives families apart.
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Makes you feel like this guy,

Re: The Mormon Church is More Important Than You
Hysterical and right on.

Stray Mutt
Re: The Mormon Church is More Important Than You

Like in bed.

It's always a threesome when you're a Mormon: you, your spouse, and the church.

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The last time I went into the mormon church was for my aunt's funeral. She was a jack mormon who drank herself to death. It was harmful to my spirit. I just didn't attend my niece's temple wedding or reception in protest and my next dilemma will be to decide if I will attend my parents funeral in the mormon chapel.

I just love when TBM defend the church when normal people criticize them. If you don't like it just leave quietly and do you own thing, they say. Well they make it hard to not be offended by their actions and beliefs.

just a thought
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You've hit the nail on the head. Even more than the lies and distortions over church history, this is the real heart of mormon darkness: it exploits family relationships.

Faithful members devote their lives and money to the church. Over the years they give thousand of hours of service and thousands of dollars. And when they pass away, the church repays this devotion by repeating another boring lecture on the plan of salvation.

A parent worries and sacrifices for their children for years. They struggle to provide food, shelter and education and to do the right thing for their children. But when the mormon child gets married in the temple, the non-mormmon parent is deemed "not worthy" to attend.

This is just plain wrong.

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I couldn't agree more. Even my TBM [mormon] sister became annoyed at all the "well-wishes" after her daughter was tragically killed. It was as if losing a child, cut down in the prime of life, was no big deal since she was "off to serve the lord in the spirit world." I think life is sometimes devalued by Mormons.
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I missed a good one. Just as bad as the rest.
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blueorchid, you have keen sight and a talent for expressing what you see. thank you for writing this. I've read it 3 times and now I'm going to read it again.
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Thank you for saying that about not attending funerals red pill. I have thought many times that I would not attend my mother's funeral after the 'slap in the face' that was my father's send-off. I feel terrible about it though.

If I go at least I won't be blind sided this time.

The talks at my father's funeral made me doubt that he could have loved me at all. The combination of what was said and the grief made this possible. Just before the coffin was lowered into the grave and everyone had walked away, I touched it and said,"I hope you loved me Dad."

That is not the way it should be.

I got my balance back, and I know he did love me in the end, but it opened my eyes like crazy.

"Recovery from Mormonism -"