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Hey. I think I am finally recovered. For real.

kc Nov. 2013

A long time ago, probably in 2001 or so, I used to come here and read. I was questioning and the things I was reading on these boards were agitating me... making me doubt more. Making me angry that people here so smugly proclaimed it was NOT the True Church. I started trolling the boards... yes, I was pretty obnoxious and I guess it was my way of dealing with the internal conflict. Sorry for that

Missionary letter made my daughter cry

Regulargal Nov. 2013

My 20 year old daughter received a letter in the mail last week from an old friend who is currently serving a mission. [My daughter came to me in tears as she felt the letter diminished their friendship and had it reduced her to just being a project.]

Got the "I'm Disappointed In You" message from my Mom

rexburgtoaz Nov. 2013

Message from my TBM mom on Facebook: "I heard you didn't respond to your sister when she sent you the baptism announcement for -----. She feels really bad. You should be sharing it with your boys, as this was a big part of their cousin's life."

My home does not have the spirit

JPTA0207 Nov. 2013

Just venting...thanks for letting me rant...

I've been out of the church for 18 years. But my parents and 6 siblings are all very TBM [Mormon]. We keep each other at arms length- we are polite but distant with one another. My TBM sister is young (10 years younger than me), married and with 2 kids she cannot handle or afford.

Funeral and anger

woodruff Nov. 2013

I have something to say. I am an ex in Australia who served in Bishoprics and High Councils, I left 5 years ago, and it sent shock waves when my wife and I left, as we were considered "faithful and good with the youth". Recently I was asked to attend a funeral of an elderly lds lady who was a neighbour of mine in my 20's. I liked her so I went alone to the funeral

Being asked to lie by the Stake Presidency

Odell Campbell Nov. 2013

Last night I was recalling some leadership fiascos/experiences in LDS Church. Once, when I was a first counselor in a bishopric, I received a call from a member of the stake presidency. He told me that they had just released a sister from our ward from a stake calling.

Is there any aspect of a Mormon's life that is NOT micro-managed

spaghetti oh Nov. 2013

Just one of those 3am starring at the ceiling thoughts.

There must be some bits of life untouched by the morg (for a TBM), yes?

Mormon Apostles Explain Away the Contradictory Versions First Vision

steve benson Nov. 2013

When it comes to trying to square up all the contradictory accounts of Joseph Smith's "First Vision," two Mormon apostles demonstrated to me that they couldn't see the forest because of the grove of trees.

Outting the Mormon Cult on Its "Strengthening the Members Committee"-

steve benson Oct. 2013

Let's examine the sophistry spun by the Mormon Cult on its secretive spy agency, otherwise known as the "Strengthening the Members Committee."

A friend of mine mentioned Uchtdorf - Conference Oct. 2013

steve benson Oct 2013

I was walking into the office this morning and passed a co-worker on the sidewalk--a lapsed Mormon who hasn't been a believer for years. As we greeted each other, he asked, "Did you watch Conference?"

I smiled and replied, "No. I don't do that anymore."

He responded with his own smile, "Uchtdorf said the leaders of the Church have made mistakes and that that doesn't mean people who criticize them have sinned."