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Find reasonableness in apologies.

Cheryl Feb. 2014

In my family no one was willing to be assumed imperfect because recriminations could be brutal. This attitude meant no one admitted fault or offered apologies.

First Reaction Going Through The Mormon Temple?

Sweet Spirit Feb. 2014

What was your reaction going through the the Mormon temple the first time?


*Introduction by Steve Benson

The following is based on a series of extensive communications between Tom Phillips and myself, regarding the issuance of summonses to Mormon Church president Thomas S. Monson, ordering him to appear in UK Magistrates’ Court on 14 March 2014 to answer charges against him and the Mormon Church of criminal financial fraud.

JOINT STATEMENT concerning summonses served on Thomas Spencer Monson

Geoff Staines

JOINT STATEMENT concerning summonses served on Thomas Spencer Monson:

"Nothing is known about..." Well, this is what I KNOW!

Lori C Feb. 2014

So, the Book of Mormon's "primary purpose" is more spiritual than historical? Really now? Let's my entire lifetime and blasted to me on my mission by Joseph F. McConkie, the Book of Mormon is absolute...historical...and the KEYSTONE of our religion

GA Steven Snow Admits Mormon Church Has Hidden Facts but Has Been Outted by Internet

steve benson Jan. 2014

Snow's confession [Mormon general authority]:

"I think in the past there was a tendency [by the Mormon Church] to keep a lot of the records closed or at least not give access to information. But the world has changed in the last generation--with the access to information on the Internet, we can’t continue that pattern; I think we need to continue to be more open.”

Just found out the truth.

funeraltaters Jan. 2014

Hello everyone,

I've been following this site for the last few days and I've enjoyed hearing your stories and decided that I would like to participate. I'm a 29 year-old, multi-generational, BIC, pioneer-stock ex-mo. Like Nephi of old I was born to goodly parents and instructed in the ways of righteousness. The whole time I was growing up I never really questioned the church or its teachings.

Give me your experience with DandC 9:8

gungholierthanthou Jan. 2014

The Doctrine and Covenants, section 9, advises members about how to resolve questions:

"8 But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your bmind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right."

My in-laws have no retirement and the Second Coming hasn't happened

PG Jan. 2014

My 60 year old TBM [true believing Mormon] in laws are starting to freak out because they should be retiring but didn't plan for it, and I'm certain it's because they thought they would be sitting in the Celestial Kingdom surrounded by their six kids (that they couldn't afford) by now.

Trying to leave the church... new

Knight in Waiting Jan. 2014

Hello again. Recently I've made the decision to not go on my mission, which I'm due for in a week or so. I'm patching up some things in my aftermath plans, so I haven't told my parents yet. I do intend on telling them tonight, however.