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I'm confused. Was the Ban on Blacks god's will? new

thingsithink Dec. 2013

This new statement has me confused. I understand all the reasons the church now rejects for the ban - pre-existence, mark of cain, etc.

But, I don't understand if the ban was god's will. The revelation allowing blacks to have the priesthood didn't say anything about the whole thing being a mistake.

The Church not Only Threw Brigham Young under the bus but older members

SECular Priest Dec. 2013

As a youth and a young adult I spent time defending the Church position on the Priesthood Ban. That was what we were taught through God's prophets. To get a temple recommend you had to answer the question do you sustain the current profit. "Well yes!" There was no question in any body's mind this was the will of God.

Evidence from the Top: Joseph Smith Was Behind the LDS Priesthood Ban

steve benson Dec. 2013

Contrary to the current claim by the Mormon Church, there is documented evidence that Joseph Smith was, indeed, behind the LDS anti-Black priesthood ban.

Whew! Less Valiant Daughter is now VALIANT!

Anon for This Dec. 2013

The recent article on the reversal of the ban of those "cursed with dark skin" (black) makes me literally shake.

Five years ago we adopted a little girl with dark skin. The adoption agency (not LDS Social Services) contacted us, letting us know that The Ensign was looking for a family to model for an article on adoption they were printing and that they had given them our number.

The "God's-prophets-are-imperfect-humans" line won't save the Mo God . . .

steve benson Dec. 2013

. . . from himself.

It is important to keep in mind historically-contexualized facts when Mormon Church apologists who--when confronted with the ugly realities of racist LDS Church doctrine, policy and practice--attempt to shrug off this foundational Mormon Church behavioral problem as being nothing more than the understandable foibles of the Mormon Church's imperfect human "prophets."

The Mormon Church's Essay on Blacks and the Priesthood is Dishonest

steve benson Dec. 2013

The Mormon Church, on its official website, makes a grossly dishonest claim that the long-established official position of the Mormon Church banning Blacks from holding the priesthood was a policy and not a doctrine. In an essay entitled, “Race and the Priesthood,” the Mormon Church makes the following deliberately disingenuous and factually disprovable assertion:

What Mormon missions used to be like - a century ago

RPackham Dec. 2013

When my parents died, I (as the oldest child) inherited a lot of things that they had inherited from their parents. One item was my grandfather's mission journal, which recorded his experiences as a Mormon missionary in England, 1907-1908. I had never read it, but when my TBM [Mormon] brother found out that I had it, and wanted me to photocopy it for him, I decided to read it.

Mormon Japan Mission Experiences

gentleben Nov. 2013

I need to post the story, I love telling it. I wonder if any of my former mission are now exmormon and lurking on this site...1994-1996 Kobe Japan anyone? I wonder if they remember the shenanigans that were going on then.

Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my Mormon Mother

johnstockton12 Nov. 2013

Got a call from my mom the other day telling me to repent for drinking. She thinks I'm an alcoholic even though I only drink around once every two weeks, and when I drink it's not that much. She started crying and telling me that she has been in severe depression for the last year and that my choices have caused her that depression.

Temple answer: "I dont' know"

joejoe50 Nov. 2013

Several years ago I got back into full fellowship after a long absence and my wife and I were eventually asked to work at the temple. I had a list of questions I thought could finally be answered. Surely, if I was to work in the temple and officiate in all that stuff I'd have to know all the details of 'that stuff.' NOT SO!