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How "recovered" are you? Is anyone 100% recovered?

Joy Mar. 2014

I seem to be stuck at about 80% recovered, but I can live with that. I was a BIC [born in the covenant], and had an abusive upbringing, in a GA [general authority] family. It took about 5 years for the anger to go away, but I still get angry at the Mormons' newest lies

Mormon Church is Polling on its New Essays (what does this mean?)

johnnyboy Mar. 2013

So the church is doing some confidential polling on all kinds of stuff. Mainly the essays and what impact they have had so far.

Monson Case British Court Case - 1st Day - Mar. 14 2014

From city worker, March 14 2014

1. 7:16 am (RfM Time USEDT) and throughout the day

updates from court

The problem with the LDS Church

Boyd K Pecker Mar 2014

Let's forget about whitewashed history and bogus doctrines for a minute.

After reading many postings over several months, maybe the biggest problem with the Church is that the members solely exist to benefit the Church but the Church does very little to benefit the members. I

The real financial cost of Mormonism-My family's example.

newnamenephi Mar 2014

Below is a breakdown a typical month in my family (wife & 3 teenagers - and we live close to a ward building):

All are welcome on RfM. Just curious though, what draws never-mo's here?

lenina Mar. 2014

Are you avid anti-mormons who find satisfaction in assisting ex-mo's along the path?

Are you spouses/loved ones of TBMs [Mormons]?

Help! My TBM [Mormon] bro sent me the latest essay

PapaKen Feb. 2014

He's saying he wants to know what I think about the "like god" essay, and as he put it, the eternal future of our family.

Oh. I get it now . . . you don't GET your own planet . . .

baura Feb. 2014

You don't GET your own planet, you MAKE your own planet.

All you get is the do-it-yourself kit. So they don't hand you
an already made planet and say, "enjoy yourself," they give you
raw materials and you have to organize them into a planet

Trying to save my family with logic.

roslyn Feb. 2014

Yes I have raised by BIC [born in the covenant] children in the church so the blame ultimately lays on me, but right now I am trying to free them.

Stake Conference: Don't even Look at anything that makes you doubt.

mixedmessages Feb. 2014

My daughter went up to the heart of Utah to visit some friends this weekend. She went to stake conference with a friend, and I asked her what they spoke on. She said the speaker was adamant about NOT looking at anything, anything at all that makes you doubt.