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My Social Anxiety nightmare in the church.

Anon 4 this May 2014

For people with social anxiety Mormonism is so impossible. First off there is the forced testimony meetings growing up where everyone is expected to say something during mutual testimony meetings. I remember the first time I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting I hoped I would get hit by a bus before the dreaded day. I HATED interviews with anyone especially the bishop.

Thoughts on Bruce R. McConkie

64monkey May 2014

I just got done reading some quotes form Bruce R. and my conclusion is he was truly just a racist. Hardly a man called of a loving God into a so called true church.

Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth ...

steve benson May 2014

--Oliver Cowdery: Supposedly Devoted Follower of Mormonism--Who Died with a Decidedly Anti-Mormon Side--

**From Partner and Producer, to Hated and Excommunicated

How Young Women are Selected for the Temple Square Mission

Changed Man May 2014

It's been awhile since I posted, but I'm still lurking. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this glimpse into the selection process for visitors-center missionaries, from a somewhat distant relative of mine who recently went through the process. FYI, she is very pretty.

The missionary surge is officially a bust...


44% more missionaries, 4% more conversions.

SO many missionaries coming home early

need to no May 2014

I would like to ask all of you about it from a place it will be seen; am just extremely curious, is this is the new trend overall? This past year I have been shocked at how many of the missionaries have come home early since the lowering of the age for leaving a year ago.

Expert Ex-Mormon

runtu May 2014

Yes, I am an expert in how to leave the church and do it the wrong way. A little background:

Called to see the bishop - Learn to say No

Lex Apr. 2014

Got a text summoning me to see the bish. It is either a calling or another discussion about tithing or my lack off tithing to be precise. Seeing as I want to leave the church neither are welcome but I just can not say no to these people.

Five things this EX-Mormon wish you knew

CA girl Mar. 2014

In response to the following blog post currently going around FB, I've [CA girl] made a list of Five Things EX-Mormons Wish You Knew.

How the "Restored" Church of JC's "Volunteer" Saints Has Paid Its Top Dogs

steve benson Mar 2014

The notion that Mormon Inc.--from its earliest days--has supposedly been a "lay ministry" is a line that has been laid bare as a lie. Let's run the numbers (as well as run through some of the relevant historical facts) to show exactly how this scam has been spun.