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joejoe50 Nov. 2013

Several years ago I got back into full fellowship after a long absence and my wife and I were eventually asked to work at the temple. I had a list of questions I thought could finally be answered. Surely, if I was to work in the temple and officiate in all that stuff I'd have to know all the details of 'that stuff.' NOT SO!

The trainer made it known that I was to answer any temple related questions by saying "I don't know." He went on to say that if a patron (temple goer) insisted on getting an answer I was supposed to refer them to the temple presidency. Sometime later, after my wife developed serious health problems and was released, I began casually asking questions about many perplexing details; the whys and the wherefores. My assumption was that I was more than just a patron; after all, I'd been 'ordained' a temple worker with all the authority to perform these temple ordinances.

I felt I should know all about what I was doing. I was given that same answer, "I don't know." I decided to go directly to the temple president with my questions. He answered, "I don't know." I asked why he didn't know. He said he had opinions but no solid answers, and that he was told to answer all questions by saying, "I don't know." I then asked him, "Does anyone know the answers?"

He then placed his hand on my shoulder like a stern but compassionate father (though I was just about his same age) and said, "Stop asking questions." This was followed by an uncomfortable staring contest. I got the message. A few months later I asked to be released which was granted because of my wife's poor health. That's when I began looking for my answers outside of the TSCC's secret mystery box. My wife is still a TBM, but she truly respects my beliefs (or lack thereof). Now, all is well in (and out of) Zion!

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You got a good look into the creepy side of The Magic Kingdom.

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Interesting. I love hearing these insider type stories of LDS Inc. The church loves to give false impressions to the pubic and lower level membership but how the church REALLY works is a totally different story when you get into the higher levels. The temple president himself probably got the hand on shoulder by an apostle and was told the same exact thing.

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When I was in the old Salt Lake Mission Home we went through the Salt Lake Temple and afterward Apostle Harold B. Lee met with us in the Upper Floor to answer questions. I was surprised how often he said, "We don't know."

It got to the point where none of us knew what to ask, so he just gave a talk on being dedicated missionaries.

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WOW - if a man who was a prophet doesn't know -- WHO DOES??

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Why? Well, we've ALWAYS done it that way . . . except for the
parts we changed in 1990 . . . and again a few years ago . . .
and back in the '20s . . . , but we've ALWAYS done it that way.

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That's the ultimate well kept secret. The answer: Google

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joejoe50: What were some of the questions you were asking in the temple, if you don't mind sharing?
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"Stop asking questions."

That about sums it up.

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I asked about the meaning of the grips, signs, clothing, wording, etc. It was just random questions I had during the process. And the wacky verbiage I had to memorize for the washing/annointing part. I am very inquisitive. That's not a quality TSCC [this so called church] likes. It's just good to know that it was all made up by JS. I'd hate to think God invented it . . . and then modified it . . . and modified it . . . and modified it. God's stuff is simple: Love God and love everybody else including yourself. Simple, simple, simple.

All you need is love! ~John Lennon

BTW that phrase was the last straw for me. Pres Monson criticized the Beatles for saying 'all you need is love.' I think that was in April 2011 GC.

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Zounder, I was in the old Mission Home in March 1975 and the missionaries were "privileged" after completing a temple session to go to an upper floor for a meeting so that we could ask questions and receive answers. It was during SWK's reign but SWK wasn't there. There were a couple of apostles along with some other bigwigs. I don't remember anything significant being asked/answered.
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Sgt. Shultz: "I know NOTHING."

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I asked what the sea shells in the frieze above the doors in the Celestial Room of the Salt Lake Temple symbolized. I was told to pray about it. At least "I don't know" doesn't put the responsibility to find the answer on the questioner.

My questions about the temple left me feeling that I must be far too stupid to figure out the symbolism or unworthy to know the answers.

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WOW - if a man who was a prophet doesn't know -- WHO DOES??
JS does. And if you manage to get to the gates of the CK, (and know the correct names and handshakes etc.,) he will tell you. Then he might tell god except if god exists, he won't care about the secret handshakes and fake names.
TSCC is the only RELIGION that wants you to have a FAKE NAME. Think about that.
When I was a teenager, I wanted a fake name with my fake ID. I didn't know then that TSCC would accommodate me on the fake name. Of course, I didn't hang around long enough to go to the evil Temple.

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Zounder, I was also in the MTC in 1970 and attended a question and answer session in the Salt Lake temple given by Harold B. Lee. I couldn't believe the number of "I don't know" replies coming out of his mouth. What is the point of an endless repetition of something you cannot gain an understanding of? How about the lame statement "you will gain an understanding of this in the next life". If that's true, then why go at all while you are in mortality? The whole Temple experience creeped me out and was the beginning of my journey out.

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