Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my Mormon Mother

johnstockton12 Nov. 2013

Got a call from my mom the other day telling me to repent for drinking. She thinks I'm an alcoholic even though I only drink around once every two weeks, and when I drink it's not that much. She started crying and telling me that she has been in severe depression for the last year and that my choices have caused her that depression.

She then told me that the celestial kingdom isn't even worth it to her anymore cuz I'm not going to be there with her and me not being there would be hell to her.

Religion is so dumb. A place that is supposed to be wonderful and so incredible has now been made a hell in her mind. She is depressed and probably needs therapy. Thanks religion for creating more problems than you have tried to solve. Oh and F@$% you Joseph Smith. Thanks for hurting millions of people like my mom.

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Tell her she could always join you in the Terrestial Kingdom, that this is why families are forever doctrine doesn't make sense, etc etc
I'm sorry, but.............
...how manipulative and self-centered can you get!

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
I'm offended by anyone that tells you your personal happiness lies in the hands of others. Others that you have NO control over. LIES!!!

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
If she thinks that the CK will now be her Hell because she can't have everyone elses' afterlife to confirm to her wishes and needs...tell her to go ahead and start sinning then...since she has already determined that she will be in Hell when she dies....

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Or that she could visit those lesser.
I think they get a couple vacations (free plane tickets) each year.

Dumb joke aside, very sorry for the situation. Impossible circumstance, because somehow you are responsible for her happiness - another Mormon cult lie. This cult really does make people sick. They learn to feel bad and guilty for being human.

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Did she stomp her feet and hold her breath until she turned blue?

Poor little girl, didn't get her way and now she is throwing her tantrum.

She is determined to win in her favorite chosen game, celestial motherhood. Onward to victory!

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Tell her that Boyd K Packard has said in conference and stake conferences that if parents are faithful, their children will be with them in the Celestial Kingdom. That should help her.

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Ask her exactly what about practicing polygamy for eternity was enticing to her?

There is no reason to separate families. As on earth, those in mansions are free to visit the trailer parks.

Jesus himself mingled regularly with the sinners.

Of course, even if we were together in the CK, everyone will be so busy creating worlds and breeding and doing church meetings and temple work and home teaching - there won't be time to visit with family.

Much more family time in the Terrestrial Kingdom. Yep, that's my choice, and the central tenet of Mormonism is free agency, right?

Option A, B, C - take your pick - no pressure whatsoever, because we want you to end up where you will be most happy.

Happiness is what it's about, right? Or would your mom rather you be miserable?

Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Not a therapist but I dealt with similar from my TBM mom, and I recognize the manipulation, too. She told DDs, "You're such beautiful girls. Grandma wishes she could be with you for all eternity..." This is barely a veneer of passivity on passive aggression. Has she always done this?

"Now drink not only water but a little wine for your stomach and other frequent ailments." 1 Timothy

"Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do." Ecclesiastes

And of course crazy Christ's first miracle was at that wedding in Cana, turning water into wine. The official on that one, as I was taught as a TBM, was in CK, we'd all drink "the fruit of the vine." You could tell your mother you're practicing up for the bacchanalias you'll have in CK.

Complete agreement on JS. Tscc does far more harm than good.

Elder McKooKoo
Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
According to revealed doctrine, those who are not in servitude in the CK, that is, those who have demonstrated sufficient faith in Christ, have kept his convenants in their mortal existence, and have endured to the end are able to further progress in the Celestial Kingdom. A perk, if you will, is given to such holy inahibitants, the ability to visit family and friends in the lower kingdoms of glory. In other words, she can still enjoy the CK, and visit you whenever she desires. Oh how great the wisdom of our God, even Jesus Christ.
Re: Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my TBM Mother
Your mom has failed to learn some essential life lessons. One lesson is that your children will not perfectly conform to your vision for them, and that is not only okay, but a good thing. The second is that you are responsible for your own feelings. The third is that any reasonable definition of heaven (which believers see as being a place of peace and reward) would include all of your loved ones.

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