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I went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game recently. Their main sponsor is "Xango"

. I asked my BiL what Xango was and he said it was some sort of fruit juice. I walked around Rio Tinto stadium looking at all the concessions to see if they even sold this juice. I couldn't find any stand that did.

When I got home I googled Xango and from what I read, it's a MLM scheme to make money. Has anyone actually drank/bought the stuff? I haven't seen it in grocery stores. I find it hard to believe that a MLM scam could sponsor a pro sports team.....

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From my TBM family members that sold it and drank it, they claimed it cured everything. That's all I've heard about it, I've never tasted it, and my family still deals with the issues they were trying to cure with the juice.

Oh well...

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Another morg MLM scam out of Lehi, Utah.

In regards to the XanGo scam, Dr Ralph Moss, author of several natural remedy books, has said of mangosteen juice:

"In my opinion, what we have here is simply an overpriced fruit drink. Fruit drinks are often healthful beverages. But the only reason I can see that the promoters of mangosteen can get away with charging $37 for this product is that they are playing on patients' hopes and fears in a cynical way. Without the health claims, open or implied, the product could only be sold for at most $5 or $6 [which, for example, is the cost of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice]"


Re: Xango juice....

I knew an older couple a few years ago that drank that stuff everyday because they thought it was the cure for all of their ails.

It didn't taste too bad, if I remember correctly.

Now, I think I'd like to try some with rum or vodka, but I can't bring myself to give money to such ridiculous snake oil peddlers.

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Logic....would dictate that....
With Xango sponsoring a professional sports team that they would drop the MLM aspect of it and get it into stores and such.

I saw a clip an ESPN talking about the Seattle soccer team and they're sponsored by XBox (microsoft). THAT product you can buy.
Xango juice??? I guess you have to call your local "representative" to get some.

Hell Avon products are sold door-2-door but at least their stuff is reasonably priced......

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"and my family still deals with the issues they were trying to cure with the juice."

Gotta love the irony with that.....lol

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Sounds like an episode of Big Love... Just saying...

MLM. Way overpriced fruit juice. 

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I may be confusing this with one of the many UT based juice multi-marketing scams, but I was given a small sample bottle once by one of the distributors (trying to get me to become a customer).

It was probably about 4 oz. or so, but you were only supposed to take something like a tablespoon a day. It was supposed to give you energy, cure the common cold, wipe out any cancers you had, fix any heart disease, etc. Actually, I made all that up, but it had all the usual claims of what it would do for you.

I took it for a week (or whatever there was in the bottle) and didn't feel any different (which I know was one of the claims).

If that' the one, that you only take a tablespoon or so a day would be why it isn't sold at concession stands.

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nonmo_1 Wrote:
I find it hard to believe that a MLM scam could sponsor a pro sports team.....

Believe it. Just like Mormons claim they're not a Cult because they have 14 million members (on the books). A minor (in the U.S.) sport like soccer will take money and support from where ever they can get it, including from a "business" that is a (legal) multi-marketing scam.

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One of the PTA mothers at my kids school just got duped into starting her own xango business. Her whole family is ADHD which it's suppose to cure. All us other moms are keeping our distance because we all know it is like amway and no way are we getting involved. She just had a "Business trip to Utah"; we live in Virginia. Just know her from working with PTA; she is fun and upbeat - maybe I'll make some off the wall comment one day like just don't become Mormon. Although she is a southern baptist praise jesus type of gal. Don't get suckered in.

Oh for....

If this shit did half of what was promised, then there would be no need for chemo and glycerin pills.

Edit- I sometimes wish in public high schools there was some kind of nutrition/home-ec/basic life skills class required/offered. Mangosteen is nothing new or magical. While it does provide a high amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C (if I remember correctly), but a pomegranate and broccoli have the same kind of benefits.

Food does not necessarily cure people- my personal experience has shown that a slice of raw garlic can make a pimple less inflamed and help with infections, but it's not going to cure a staph. Cranberry juice, if pure, will get rid of UTI's, but doesn't do shit if I eat too much sugar or use any kind of spermacide.Liver is a great source of Vitamin A that's great for skin, but too much can cause liver failure! My point is, it's scary that people are still suckered into these ridiculous snake-oil promises when there is so much information available at our fingertips!

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yea...I know....but for the product name to be all over the jersey's of the players...AND on the jersey's sold to the public...it seems weird that you can't just go somewhere to buy this stuff.

I'm learning something new everyday in the few years I've been in Utah, that SOME Utah people/business orgs are just plain fvcking wierd.....

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I know a woman who swears about the benefits of Xango. She's been on it for years and has had numerous surgeries. Her attitude is that her health would be even worse without the Xango.

My opinion is that Xango is expensive fruit juice that may have a small placebo benefit. It reminds me of mormonism. It don't work if you ain't got faith.

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So...having studied the MLM industry more extensively than I ever wanted to I have determined that what all of them sell is: AN OPPORTUNITY. The opportunity they sell is that if you do everything they tell you to do...exactly as they tell you to do it you will be rewarded. (Sound familiar? I think that is what the Mormon church promises also...do it our way and you get into heaven...) So, what the MLM tells people is that they must pay like $200. per month, on an ongoing basis, to commit to receiving the XANGO juice. These bottles of juice cost them about $25. wholesale. That is a ton of $$ when you consider that a REALLY good bottle of wine is about $10.

OK so the company uses the $$ that they earn by selling the bottle of juice to buy a $1 million a year sponsorship to the REAL soccer team. This buys them TONS and TONS of exposure and FREE advertising. That comes out of the business budget just like any advertising would. (and just like the MO church buys PR via a NY company and whatever advertising and weird business deals they can purchase with....the tithes that are paid to the church.)

So...does juice make you healthy or wealthy? It makes 6 guys at the top of their game wealthy....not the hard working Distributors that buy and sell the ongoing dream. Exactly the same business model as the LDS church. They are creating the next big vatican to be known as the Celestial Mall with the 10% tithe of the grovelling poor members. This will make a beautiful gateway to the temple grounds and it is all payed for by the $$ that the peons and the minions provide in tithes which are attached to the Mormon's promise that they will go to the celestial kingdom after they die.

What a business model!

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I tell people I move kilos of powder for a major dealer
It's less embarrassing than admiting that I work for an MLM.

(In the warehouse, not as a distributor)

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I moved into a new apartment in Provo. The previous resident had left a case of the stuff (there were four bottles per case). Anyway, I sold them on ebay and made like 80 bucks. I think they paid shipping too. Heh heh. There's a sucker born every day.

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My cousin's wife was selling it for a little while. Needless to say, I didn't buy any. My juice budget is a lot lower than that.

Xango layoffs!
My neighbor just got laid off from Xango along with 21 other employees. He is pretty bummed because he had worked there for 6.5 years. He said that Xango has reduced the company size by about half and they also are cutting costs like crazy. So....not everyone is buying the dream.

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Another Utah-based MLM scheme, with BYU MBAs running the show. But we can trust them because they served on stake high council, right?

One of the Osmond Second Generation members (Doug, one of Alan's eight sons) recorded vocals for a radio ad for Xango.

seattle sounders
Drew Carey has invested (much?) in the Sounders, and the team is doing pretty well on the field AND box-office.

apparently DC knows how to pick a WINNER!

Apparently Doug Osmond is now a distributor for "MAAKOA"

Note he says "I've been in this industry a long time...". He ain't referring to music, but to the MLM supplement business.

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It seems there is a shelf life, if you will, with these mlm's. The smart ones
move on after a few years to the newest scam. As a cab driver said on here once, the mlm conventioneers in UT tip very well the first few years. By year five the money is tight, finances are headed south and the tips suck. With the exception of maybe NuSkin, the distributors are probably better off moving on by year 5.

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Hey...I just read the "NuSkin" thread...which apparently is another Utah, home-grown MLM....i mean...business.

NuSkin is or was heavily involved with the Utah Jaz...so there you go...

I'm a learnin' somthun new everyday in the land of Zion....

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Even NuSkin Was A Bunch of Tightwads This Year...
The convention last week was huge and overwhelmed us all, falling as it did on the "Halloween Party weekend." But drivers were complaining about tips (I made money anyway, but it was noticeable).

What was really nice to see was what looked like a "shift" in the Japanese culture. Usually there would be two or three older Japanese gentleman, and one "gal Friday." The lady would be extremely subservient, etc.

With the younger Japanese it was pretty obvious there was a lot more equality and mixing...

The yin and yang of 21st centural cultural diffusion...

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