Go Forth And Multiply! --Andersen


I watched GC long enough on my phone to watch three brethren speak before Satan made it overheat. *snicker* I want to share what I got out of it...

-Computer skills are God's gift to do Family History
-More blessings for the youth who use technology for FH and not video games, surfing the web and Facebook.

-Go forth and multiply!
-"Motherhood is a calling, not a hobby." ...no waaaaay!
-It's okay if you can't afford to have a baby--have one anyway.
-It is just fine to have a baby any time anywhere, no matter what.

-Do not be idle; be busy but for a good reason.
-Be as quick to kneel as quick as you are to text. If he knew just how fast some people can text...
-Don't waste time catapulting angry birds at cement walls. Well, I'll have you know that that phone app helped me through a lot of painful nights I go through in my condition. But I'm sure that would be countered with" Why not read th BoM or scriptures instead?"

That is what I learned from my peek at GC. I'm so glad I have a broader perspective now...

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I find all the references to texting tweeting and facebook hilarious

Lost Mystic
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Be quicker to kneel than text? I thought TSCC didn't encourage felatio... ;)

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Yes and the sad thing is in about 9-12 months, there will be an increase in "little" mormons.

the angel moron

Just like about ten years ago when you could LITERALLY hear the simultaneous sound of women taking out their second and third earring, you'll be able to hear the simultaneous sound of woman taking out their IUDs. Scary, isn't it???? And a discussion on my Facebook page this week included a TBM swearing that blind obedience is NOT encouraged. Yeah, right....

southern idaho inactive

Is he going to pay for all these babies? Is'nt he even aware of downturn in our economy still? 

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Women need to have kids when it's up to them BUT HAVE FAITH! FUCK YOU!

Have kids while you're still in college! FUCK YOU!

Don't worry if you can't afford having kids! FUCK YOU!!

Pity party for parents who only had a few kids and wanted more! FUCK YOU!

CA girl
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And guess who is going to support those babies the college couples can't afford? Grandpa and Grandma or Uncle Sam. OR the poor college couple are going to go so far in debt that they will be paying it off DECADES later. One of my friends had this attitude of "let the babies come and don't put them off." She had 3 kids while her husband was still in college and chiropractic school, thinking they'd dig out of debt fast, having a doctor for a husband. Then they had 2 more while he was setting up his practice. Only problem is that the husband is a very good doctor but terrible at marketing and worse at staying in once place. They've moved 4 times in 3 different states in the 10 years he's been trying to "set up his practice" and deferring loans this whole time. Finally he is starting to see some success and his school loans, with all those kids and a SAHM is over $150,000. They'll be paying over $1000 a month practically until they retire - or at least that's what my friend claims.

If the Morg hadn't led them astray and my friend had worked full time while her DH was in school and waited to have kids (she was only 20 when they had their first) imagine how much better off their lives would be. College savings, retirement savings, quality of life and not having to always take handouts from his/her parents. The Morg is ruthless about who and how they extort and the lives that are compromised because of talks like this.

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That's just irresponsible to advise people to have kids like that. It traps the person into a situation the church likes: dependency.

So few can get ahead if they have kids too early. It's cruel to get people in that situation before they really are prepared financially and educationally.

This enforces the idea that Mormon leadership STILL does not value women except for their breeding role.

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I had the same exact thought!

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Well said...well said....

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My husband and I were among the idiots who bought into this principle. I got married at age 19 (to a 22 yr-old returned missionary, in the temple of course) and had a baby 13 months later. I was told my whole life that motherhood would be my "greatest and most treasured calling." What a load of crap. We struggled to make ends meet. I worked 2 jobs during the day and he worked full-time at night while going to school full-time. We worked opposite schedules so one of us could always be with our son. My husband had to give up his dream of becoming a doctor, because we realized there was no way we could handle the rigors of med school or 6 more years of school and residency. He changed his major, I dropped out of school and we focused all our energy on getting him through school. Over the next 5 years, I popped out a couple more kids. He finally finished his Bachelor's degree a few months before our 3rd son was born.

I wanted to go back to school, but that obviously wasn't feasible with three preschool-age children. People would tell me,"Don't worry, you can go back to school full-time when your kids are in school." Yeah, guess what? It's not as easy as you might think to fit school into the magic kids-in-school hours. particularly when there are limited sessions of classes you need in order to graduate. I had to take whatever classes I could fit, and not in the order I should have taken them. I did not have the time or energy to devote to my educational experience and it took me 13 YEARS to complete my Bachelor's Degree. In other words, I got COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF. ALL BECAUSE OF NOT PUTTING OFF HAVING KIDS?!?

I used to think I'd end up with cancer or something to show me WHY god insisted I have kids now and not wait--but honestly, five years would have made NO difference in my fertility. We could have AT LEAST finished school first. We, and our children, would have been better off for it.

Oh, girls of mormondumb, don't buy into the lies! Finish school first. God's precious spawn can wait a few years. Afterall, in the context of eternity, isn't that, like, a blink of an eye?

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Because god's precious spawn like poverty? isn't it character building? blech.

unfortunately i had the idea that if i was married and without a real job that i should at least be a mother. i was supply teaching and dh made a pittance but i thot that i was practically 'worthless' because there weren't any children for me to look after. Our first arrived 2 yrs after the marriage, but if i'd have had my druthers (could buy them cheap at the store) it would have been earlier just to make me feel good about myself and my right to live.

Our son STILL was way too early looking back now.


I'm sorry sweetie...that sucks. I mean, being a mother can have its rewards...but you weren't ready. Really, five more years would have been just fine and dandy and better for all of you! How are things going now?

In my YW class years ago, all the girls would sigh and dream about having a lot of children one day, what their names would be...when they asked me about what I wanted, I said I didn't want a kid. I had raised my little brother for years andstill had been at the time. If I ever did consider having a child, it would be when my life was stable and actually good for having a child.

They looked at me as if I were on another planet. But now, as adults, almost every single one of them married right out of high school and started to pop out kids. And me, well...still trying to find 'the one'. ;-D

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Anderson will be a great one and a ruler in the next life--in hell!

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The damage this con has caused in unfathomable.My personal experience led me to severe mental trauma as I miscarried four babies in my second trimester. I finally delivered five who have grown to adulthood. My last was at 42 then followed by a horrific miscarriage at almost 20 weeks. I dont want to disgust you all but my baby was pink perfect but dead. My hands were covered in blood and I had to be sedated. If I had not been brainwashed I would never had such a horrific history. Two would do when you can afford them. THE CHURCH DOESNT CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE TRAUMA MOTHERS FACE. IT IS JUST ABOUT ENSURING THAT THE MONEY ROLLS IN AD FINITEM.

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Yes, because what this overcrowded world needs in the generations to come is a baby boom. We can't even feed everyone on the planet now. These messages are not inspired, they're downright dangerous.

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A relative quoted all the "Motherhood is a calling not a hobby crap on her fb page and her sister wrote this in reply:

"Spoken like someone who has five murderously greasy children with one on the way... and she's stuck with them and can't give them back."

AHAHAHA It made me laugh so hard. I just had to share it here before it gets deleted.

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Let's see, converts are down, retention is in the toilet. We'll just have to go back to the old-fashioned way of getting new members--grow them ourselves.

Note that the "have more babies" comes on the heels of "don't expect financial help from us."

These guys have no morals at all, do they?

I can see it now . . .

(Sound of a baby crying is heard then is it is joined by small children arguing loudly)

(Camera opens to show a pregnant woman in her late 20s, holding a crying child while 5 children, ages 7 to 1 run/crawl around screaming. The woman looks into the camera and speaks)

Hi, I am a Mom and a home maker, I need to be calm for the sake of my children and my husband. My therapist suggested that I get my tubes tied but I told him that God has big plans for me. I found that prozac helps me get through the day better than I used to. I majored in Music at College but now I don't have time for that. The good news is that we got some Burger King coupons in the mail so my Husband and I might be going out on a "date" soon if we can find a babysitter that we can afford.

Oh, and I'm a Mormon.

(fade to black with the words "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" overlaid in gold letters, Chelmsford font.)

Re: I can see it now . . .

I have never heard of Chelmsford font, now I am curious. :)
Had a visual and everything--are you a screenwriter?

This could be an

At least I'm going to use it as one =)

My cousin (age 19) and my sister in law (age 20) both married last year and are both already pregnant. Neither one really has any hopes/plans/dreams for the future besides the rosy picture of a houseful of kids. They're being the perfect young mormon housewife (already neither of them works)

Fast forward 10-15 years, when they are still broke, have a houseful of kids they don't have time or money for, their husbands still struggling to make ends meet....no money, no luxuries, always trying to keep up with the neighbors, the classic Mormon household. Let them compare themselves to me and DH, who married later (I was 25, DH was 36) had established careers, lived a little bit, got through school. Not planning on kids, but if a surprise happens, I guarantee it will only happen once. In 7 years when DH retires, we will be debt free. Neither one of us is from a wealthy family--we've worked hard for everything we have, and we do have a few luxuries. Hopefully my sister in law and cousin (and other siblings and cousins who follow in their footsteps) will start to question whether the path the Church put them on is right...and when they ask, I will happily tell them that there is another way =)

This can be a great Exmo missionary opportunity, especially down the road!

Re: I can see it now . . .

Are people lampooning those "I'm a Mormon" commercials this way? If they aren't, they should be!

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response to bad LDS Inc advice


Living to please others

Living to please others will only lead to unhappiness. While you may get them off your back, they won't be there as you suffer through the life choices you didn't really want to make. It's better to weather a barrage of criticisms for your life choices than to make life choices that will not fulfill your needs and goals.

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Is there a link yet to the conference talk?

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SO SORRY I PErSIST IN USING UPPERCASE BUT I AM SO UPSET. Did Andersen really push the baby agenda?

I don't think so 

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I'm eagerly awaiting a link for this talk so that I can post it on FB with a statement about what horrible advice it is. I think it was the worst thing to come out of conference.