Don't let the non Mormon bless the food

by SerentiySeeker Dec 2011

After so many sunday dinners, I am just about fed up with the blessing of the food. The whole family is Mo, except for me and my hubby, who was raised Lutheran, not Mormon. Every time we have a blessing on the food, they call on all the other "patriarchs" of the family, but never my husband, since he's not Mo. He is the best damn bil any of my sisters have. He has built all of the nieces cedar chests, just bought new tires for one of their mini vans (since they could not afford with their 4 kids) and built a bathroom in another sister's house so they could sell and move to a better part of the city. Plus he put a sprinkler system into my parents home, and recently fixed an electical problem so their furnace would work. They have no problem bringing their boy scout troops down the firestation where he works for tours....but he can't say a blessing of the food because he doesn't hold the priesthood.

It chaps my hide that after everything he has done for my family, they can't respect him enough to say a blessing. The man even knows The Lords Prayer in German! I think I'm going to speak up at the next dinner. I've had enough.

Re: don't let the non Mo bless the food
He was less valiant in the pre-existence, This is his lot.

Do not question the Wholly Ghost. He chooses who says the prayer.

Do you ever host one of the dinners?
It seems to me that would be the best opportunity. As host, he could take charge. Even if one of your family members suggested someone else, he could say, "Thanks, I've got it."

Raptor Jesus
He'd only curse the food more than Heavenly Father already has.
Because his lips would draw near to Elohim. But his heart would be far from him.

Has your husband's church ever built a multi-billion dollar mall?


See. What does your husband's heart know of god?

It doesn't bug him, just me.
We quit going to baptisms/blessings because I felt it was a complete slight to him to have the rest of the bils doing the blessing and him just having to sit with us, less important womenfolk. I'm just fed up that there has to be this void because of a stupid, made-up church. It's affecting me more this holiday season than it has in the past. I'll admit I'm pretty bitter. I feel like my familys been hijacked by fiction.
Re: don't let the non Mo
"Every time we have a blessing on the food, they call on all the other "patriarchs" of the family, but never my husband, since he's not Mo.

Interesting that even the lowly woman is unable to speak to God, despite wearing the Garment of the Holy Priesthood.

Non-Mormons do NOT bless the food. They thank God for it, instead. 
Good point.
We assume that the food is nourishing and strengthening!
Re: don't let the non Mo bless the food
Mormons will be Mormons!

Of course, they happily accept all the good things that your husband does for them--they are blessings from Heavenly Father and probably "fodder" for Fast and Testimony meeting.

It is for the host or hostess to decide who is to offer the "blessing" of the food. As a guest in another's home it is not your place to object or take offense in who is choosen and who is not.

Mormons, even and especially family ones, are just so hung up on being and being perceived Mormon that they seldom seem to think to include other family members in 'religious' rites if they are not also Mormon. That is how Mormons are!

I am sure that if you were to bring up the subject to them, they would be shocked that YOU felt offended as THEY never meant it that way. Mutual courtesy is not generally a Mormon thing, EXCEPT TO OTHER MORMONS.

Your husband sounds like a fine man to me, and I am sure that you love him and wish to "protect" him from feeling unappreciated in your family.

In your place, I would feel like my family was being oblivious to my feelings as well as my husband's.

In your home, you and your husband as host and hostess will have the decission to handle the "blessing" and who gives it.

Enjoy your family gatherings now, because as this "older" woman can tell you, as time passes so do our loved ones and the gatherings grow smaller and further apart until...they cease.

One question:

Would you feel better if your husband stopped being so nice to your family?

........(in anticipating your answer) I thought not!

Re: don't let the non Mo bless the food
"Fiction hijacked my family"--------BRILLIANT!!!!!

"Recovery from Mormonism -"