Dealing with Mormon family members

Mormons being insulting while pretending they care

by fidget June 2012

excerpt "When my husband and I got married, we had a civil marriage. It was beautiful, I was wearing a strapless dress that was the "talk" of the ward for awhile. It shouldn't have been, I used to wear tank tops to young women's. :) When my husband and I were opening our gifts, we came across a card from a neighbor and member that had watched me grow up. The card said, "congratulations, we do wish you had chosen the right way though."

You are just in rebellion with the Mormon Church

by Jesus Smith June 2012

Have you heard this one: Your apostasy is about a rebellion against the church or god because things didn't go like you wanted.

Mormon Relatives Visited for a Week

by motherfreaker May 2012

I'm a long time reader of this board and have posted a few messages from time to time but I really need to vent today. We've had family from out of town visiting for the past 6 days and I can honestly say that I have never seen such behavior and attitudes from children and adults.

What my Mormon mom sent after a fight on Mormonism

byuiapostate May 2012

So this is what my Mom sent me in a text after we got into a fight over the phone.

"You are making a huge huge mistake!!! I wish you would trust heavenly father more than 18 year old genius strangers. (I'm not sure who she is referring to) You have been treated fairly! And not been asked to to participate in anything that has made you worse off. I can promise you it will be far harder alone than with the loving support of friends and family and the savior who only want to help...

Any advice before I tell my wife I no longer believe in the church

by cantsayyet Apr 2012

I recently realized that mormonism is not true. I've decided to tell my wife, so if anyone has advice before I do it would be appreciated. By tell her, I mean pull up the list of Joseph Smith's wives on FamilySearch with some details about the circumstances of a few of them. Ideally, I would be able to convince her with this, but she is very rooted in mormonism, so I've come to terms that she might continue to believe.

"OK, we know you don't believe, but PLEASE don't share your beliefs with your children" new

by Tauna Apr 2012

It's been a couple years since I came out as an unbeliever. 'Don't tell your kids' was almost the first thing I was told when I discussed my disbelief to family, church members, church leaders, etc. This was a huge red flag as I've always been told to be honest with my children.

Mormon friend told me "I'm under influence of Satan" because I told her I no longer believe...

by mothermayeye Apr 2012

She emailed asked me where I was going to watch conference, I told her I wouldn't be watching it. She, of course, asked why (assuming I normally watched it which I don't lol) and I told her because I have recently learned some interesting thing about TSCC [this so called church] and I know it isn't true.

Just read my wife's sacrament meeting talk...

by toolong Jan 2012

Couldn't help it- it was just sitting there on the desk and she was in the shower- she has been writing it and fretting about it all week. It sounds like the topic is faith- to which she states: "many of you know of my personal trial" (code for husband Toolong's aposatacy) "The only thing I can do is have faith that heavenly father will help my family every day."

Family Pity

by pharrell Jan 2012

I recently had my sister leave me a note, in it she said she felt concerned for me because I wasn’t going to church, and that I was staying out late at night and she didn’t know what I was doing. She bore her testimony to me about doing the simple things, like praying, reading scriptures, going to church, etc.