Dealing with Mormon family members

My home does not have the spirit

JPTA0207 Nov. 2013

Just venting...thanks for letting me rant...

I've been out of the church for 18 years. But my parents and 6 siblings are all very TBM [Mormon]. We keep each other at arms length- we are polite but distant with one another. My TBM sister is young (10 years younger than me), married and with 2 kids she cannot handle or afford.

1st bitter experience with family finding out

truly82 Aug 2013

So my husbands brother had a baby and is having it blessed this Sunday. They are having a luncheon after. We have just recently resigned and have not told any family yet. We have also not decided how we want to go about telling family, but I don't want to do it by text message. We have chosen to still support family and their decisions but we don't feel comfortable bringing our young children to certain functions, like blessings or baptisms

My weekly moment of humiliation

procrusteanchurch July 2013

Unfortunately, I am stuck attending church every week for the sake of my marriage. I no longer partake of the sacrament, and I'm sure people notice - particularly when my young son asks my wife in a loud whisper, "Why isn't daddy taking the sacrament?"

Dear Parents, I am not responsible for your feelings

NoName April 2013

Don't blame me for throwing you for a loop and hurting you. I did not hurt you. You chose to be hurt. I am a good person and I think deep down you know that. So I left the church. So I moved in with my BF. I am an adult and I made choices. I'm also very smart, honest, I have a good job and I am closing in on a doctorate. I'm successful and happy. I am also marrying an incredible man this year.

Taking the first few steps.

losingitinutah Dec. 2012

So, I am a 37, married father of 4 living in Southern Utah. I am an RM. I was married in the temple. I was born and raised in the church. I have baptized my first child and my second child is turning 8 in three months and I am really starting to have doubts regarding my faith and belief in the church.

The New Party Line? History Doesn't Matter

suckafoo Oct. 2012

This is the new party line my husband's family is using whenever I point something out. That history is not relevant today and what matters is the church today.
I wonder if they have been told this somewhere and are now repeating it because I hear a lot of people on here who are being told this by relatives.

Feeling alot of anger towards my parents for not seeing through the scam of Mormonism!

turnonthelights sep 2012

At 25 I really started having serious doubts and started to regret my temple marriage to my tbm husband. By 30 I knew it was and always had been nothing more than a scam for suckers. I was grateful that I had been intuitive enough to see through it all. But what about my parents? Why hadn't they seen the warning signs years earlier? My dad is a lawyer and smarter than I am but here he is blinded for years by the lies. He at least should have been smart enough to have caught on by now.

Why can't Mormon's talk about things other than Mormon

sam Aug 2012

For the past month, I have focused on TBM's [Mormons] and their talk when I am in their company. My goal was to try and have a talk (short or long) without bringing up Mormon @#$;. So far, I have not been successful. In every case (so far), the TBM has brought in something that is a Mormon thing.

Do I sit down with my husband and talk to him about it before I stop wearing Mormon garments

rainwriter Aug 012

I really don't like elephants in the room; they're uncomfortable for everybody, trying to skirt around them and not upset them, not knowing how to bring them up in conversation... But, I also don't know that I see myself sitting down with my husband and saying "I'm not going to wear garments anymore." How does/did this conversation happen with others?

Coffee equals heroin?

silverwing66 June 2012

So I was just talking to my mom as she was getting ready for church (thank my Pagan gods she's not making me go with her today). I mentioned that the first time I tried coffee was last year at school when my nevermo friend offered me some. When I said this, my mom looked so disappointed and replied, "It's a good thing he didn't have any heroin for you to try, too."