Reactivation attempt?

pigsinzen June 2013

My neighbor, who also happens to be 1st counselor in the bishopric, stopped by tonight to drop off a Hersey's bar with a Happy Father's day note. He was with two of his sons and he was still full suit and tie. Mind you this was 3 1/2 hours after their block ended. A nd his car was gone for most of the day. I 'm so glad he got to spend time with his kids on Father's day. Anyways, I appreciate the chocolate and all. But I couldn't help being reminded about the recent posts on here about how they are going to try and reactivate the inactives.

I hardly ever talk to this guy, even though he lives two houses down from me. I've spoken to him one time at work (lots of members at the place I work) since I stopped going to cult sessions. I have to believe this out of the blue call is the result of the initiative to go after the inactives. Maybe they think they have a chance with us. We weren't in long enough to become temple "qualified" so perhaps to them there is a chance we weren't scared away by that. If this is the case then it shall be interesting and entertaining to watch their mistake unfold.

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Re: reactivation attempt?
The bish from DWs ward stopped by to wish me a happy fathers day too. And so we got to talking while watching the soccor match on TV (Japan lost to Brazil 0-3). In the end I just had to say, "If I'm never going to be a full tithing member, then what good am I to you?"
He soon excused himself saying he had a long list of "fathers" to visit.
Re: reactivation attempt?
These guys are simple insurance peddlers. They believe they are insuring your soul and they receive a commission for this. Their currency is eternal salvation and lots of sex with multiple partners while god watches. If they don't recruit they don't earn currency and won't have orgies in heaven when they die.

Sex Cults need their Orgies.

It is a celestial Ponzi scheme with no verifiable pay out. These people are pure EVIL.

Re: reactivation attempt?
Wow, a Hershey bar! I never could have obtained this on my own, what an amazing gift! The church must be true, this chocolate bar has brought me back to the glorious gospel!

You appreciate the chocolate and all?....I have to ask...
Why? Why would you appreciate people sucking up to you so that they can earn brownie points in their false gospel?

Re: reactivation attempt? Seems that way...
...we havn't received any "gifts" for at least 8 years, and my wife got "gifts" on Mother's Day and her Birthday, and I got a Gift" yesterday. All of the sudden out of the blue we matter...NOT

Re: reactivation attempt?
Brownies would have been better...

Ask them to come and clean your toilet since they are getting all kinds of experience...then tell them you might reconsider if they clean on a weekly basis for at least a year.

Re: You appreciate the chocolate and all?....I have to ask...
I don't care if they get brownie points. It does not matter to me how they view their actions towards me? I am aware of their intentions. If they want to bring me chocolate and brownies, let them. It's their time, money, and effort they are wasting.

Re: reactivation attempt?
It was probably the Father's Day gift given to all the dads at church, my guess. Some wards give a little something to fathers, some don't. Ours has a sundae bar in the bowery outside of the building to honor fathers.
Re: reactivation attempt?
Now this is just sad. The poor guy has a list and he has to get through it before he can take off his damn tie and relax on what is supposed to be his day.

Yea, he's trying to reactivate you, but cut him some slack. He's been brainwashed into thinking he is livin' the life and that it's his duty to offer you (hound you into accepting) all the great stuff that he has. He doesn't get one dime of your 10%. Hate on the GA and give your neighbor a break.

What's too bad is that in the real world you'd have offered him a beer, you'd have watched the hockey game and then maybe your two families would have had an impromtu barbecue. That sort of thing happens in places where all social interaction isn't orchestrated and controlled by a cult.

I hope you had a great father's day inspite of the unwanted visit and I hope he had a great day too...the poor smuck.

Re: reactivation attempt?
Send him a thank you card for the chocolate. Tell him that you and your wife try to do something each father's-day to make it memorable. This year we weren't sure what we were going to do, until you gave us the chocolate bar. We smelted it down just like Nephi preparing to make his molten ore for a sword, but instead your wife dribbled it on your manhood and gave you a BJ. Thank him again, and tell him your looking forward to next year's father's day gift from the one true church.

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Re: reactivation attempt?
I felt the spirit! You can too.

Re: reactivation attempt?
Banana Split anyone?


Was there a cherry on top?

Re: reactivation attempt?
I chatted with him for awhile. I would have invited him in but he had a look of horror at the sins that must go on in my house. I have no grudge against him or any of the local guys. I treat them just like I treat anybody else, with kindness. I did feel for him. Convinced that what he is doing is for the benefit of his family. When all it does is take him away from them.

Re: reactivation attempt?
Bring him a bag of trail mix with a happy Summer Solstice note (June 21). No explanation. No conversation. Just hand it to him and leave.

Re: reactivation attempt?
Hershey bar and church janitor sign up sheet. the real reason for reactivation
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Re: reactivation attempt?
They gave the fathers in our town/ward cupcakes. Neighbor is active (but really displays major cog. dis). She pickws up one cupcake for me. Then asked for two (one of wifey too) but they had so many cupcakes, they told her to take three to really impress us with the spirit. So, she got three cupcakes and brought them to me.

She knows I have resigned but she was "just doing her part" to bring me back to the fold". Lame, silly game. She doesn't realize it but there is a greater possibility of me affecting her (with my understanding, love and knowledge) than her ever having ANY effect on me.

I ate the I have to go purge the spirit out of my body.

Re: reactivation attempt?
"Hi Brother Pigsinzen, I've come to wish you a Happy Fathers Day."
*Big cheese grin*
"What? I'm not your Father."
"Oh, I know, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Fathers Day,"
"Well *starting to get flustered* I just thought it would be nice to wish you a Happy Fathers Day."
"You thought it would be nice to come around uninvited and interrupt me on a day when I'm spending quality time with my family? Seriously?"

Re: reactivation attempt?
"You can buy anything in this world for..."...Chocolate!! LOL (Temple quote "You can buy anything in this world for money")

Asking for full disclosure...
At some point you could call them on the game. Ask:
" You do believe in telling the truth right?"
" Is this an attempt to fellowship me?"
" Has my name come up in any conversation or meeting?"
" Have you been asked to contact me?"

And then go from there....

Re: reactivation attempt?
Yep, we're all just lonely schlubs who haven't been to church
because we're a bit afraid maybe they don't like is there.

But when they bring us a Hershey bar with a cute, generic note
on it then we know that they really love us. I mean, this
wouldn't be just some coordinated attempt to get more people to
church would it? It's a true token of real affection, right?

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Re: reactivation attempt?
My dh has gone to church maybe 3 times in the past 5 years.

In that 5 years we've lived in 3 different parts of the country and dh has never been contacted much by the mormon church.

But lately the local missionaries have been showing up often to see him. They showed up around Father's Day and left a note in the door saying happy father's day and they hope to see him in church on Sunday.

I wondered if they were trying to reactivate dh but he claims they are probably just bored and visiting him because we live close to the house they stay in. So who knows.

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