Women Wearing Garments - Mormon underwear

by kmackie Dec 2011

As I was studying my way out I decided to go on one last temple trip, however I decided to wear my bra underneath my garments, I suppose it was swipe at being a little rebellious

, anyway was in a 4 bedded room at the accommodation, myself and 3 sisters I knew quite well, anyway what happened shows how much TBM's spy on each other, got showered in the morning and came out of the bathroom in garmies with the bra underneath, as one they chorused "You can't wear your bra like that"I replied "who was going to stop me"and they all turned away, shows how closely they were watching and I did'nt give any clues as to my studying.

Years ago a friend of mine was going down an escalator at a department store. Her blouse got caught in something and tore severely. It was beyond saving and she decided to buy a new blouse. She selected a couple of items and the saleslady was helping her in the dressing room. When she removed the torn blouse, the sales lady did a little recoil and said, "oh, your camesole is supposed to go over your bra".

She admitted that she felt quite the fool.

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Oh brothhher! Those ladies need to get a life.

I never wore my bra on top. Uncomfortable and stupid.

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You are so right,I wore my bra that way until I made the decision to resign,I'm sure I got some funny looks when I wore quite a sheer blouse just to let them see,how naughty was i?
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I hated those things. I wore my bra on top so I could pull them down a little so they would stay below my neck line. My mom used to comment on when I did my wash at her house that they were "looking a bit grubby, and that I needed to quit washing them with my street clothes...they deserved their own cycle". CRAZY!
I bagged all my garments up, along with my temple attire...just waiting for some Devine inspiration as what to do with them :). Seriously though, I don't want to just through them away, I want some kind of trash party or something.
I keep mine in the kitchen drawer with the other aprons.

It's always good for a giggle.

I'm waiting to see the mishies knocking on doors. When I see them coming, I'm going to throw it on and answer the door and say I can't talk - I'm baking cookies.

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Oh for crying out loud. There is no absolute rule about how to wear the bra with the garment.
People get hung up on what is the RIGHT correct way to do everything.
It's a bunch of silly nonsense.
Also, I never allow anyone to see me in the garments ... or naked, if possible. It's about...privacy. I believe in it!
It's nobody else's business how you wear your under clothing!
If you're old enough to dress yourself you don't need your mama checking up on your undies! :-)
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There isn't an official rule? The temple matron very clearly told me exactly how I was to wear my bra along with no "wordly" undies. I still wore undies underneath my Jesus jammies for cleanliness reasons and switched back and forth between putting the bra on top of the garmies or wearing it like a normal person so it could actually do it's job. I think only after having to wear garments can a person truly love the feel of an expensive, lacy boy short that fits great with every outfit-no bunching or lines. I love you lingerie!
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I heard that they are now telling people that they can wear it either bra on top OR bra below the garments. When I went through they specifically told me the bra HAD to be on top because your garments were your "second skin" and nothing was supposed to come between them (gag). And, in general, the bra did a good job of keeping the garments down, but it just looked completely ridiculous. Especially when my shirt collars would slip a little and the garment/bra strap combo was visible. So tacky. Of course not as tacky as clearly being able to see the marks through the shirt of someone who decided to wear the Jesus Jammies over their bra...

Life without garments is AH-MAZING!!

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It just amazes me that women can wear these things. I did an experiment with a thin summer top I have and put my bra over it to see how it looked and felt. Then I put some thin pajama pants on that go to the knee and put my clothes over it. I felt so ridiculous and uncomfortable. I've never worn garments so I just was curious. I felt like an a$$ actually.

Jersey Girl
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Hehehe...Susie Q #1....I guess you never have been in a ladies locker room:-) No garmies ever spotted here in Jersey, but I see naked ladies and they see me almost every day. I am only a few years younger than you, but lost any of that sort of modesty after having a few kids!
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I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying at the thought of putting on my apron to bake cookies! I always wear an apron, this is hysterically perfect! My husband is gonna d-i-e when he see me wearing that sucker!
That is a riot!
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I stay OUT of ladies locker rooms!! I know what my body looks like.... damn mirrors all over my bedroom.... but I am NOT sharing! :-)

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Oh my gosh...I am so doing it to! Perfect idea.

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When I learned the truth, I filled a garbage bag with all my Gs, as well as my temple clothes and tossed them! I am stuck in this church for now but there is no way I am wearing that prison assigned underwear and a definite hell no that I will ever see the inside of a temple again.

I will probably burn in hell. :D

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I still have my temple clothes. I should pull out the robe, but I can't remember which is better...the right or the left shoulder? That would be a great way to get them to leave you alone. Answer the door in temple garb.

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Wear your temple robes, bakers hat, and apron with nothing underneath. It doesn't look as stupid if you look like you are trying to rock a toga party. In fact, I suspect my ex-mo father wears his temple robe, minus the hat and apron when he goes to toga parties with Mom in Jamaica. At least it seems like something he would do, and I have fun imagining him doing it.

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I remember when I was in the "empty sea" there was a big hubub about whether guys had to tuck in the top into the bottoms. It was about
50% "who cares"
50% "you're going to hell if you don't tuck 'em in".
I've known German LDS women to refuse to wear the bra on top.
In Europe you get used to members not doing what American members are told to do, and they often toe a different line. Italian members drink peach and lemon flavored iced tea, and German women don't (or often don't) wear their bras on top of the garment. So there you go. I'll bet that there is no literature that is available to the rank-and-file members that says one way or the other. You are just told by some leader, and he got his information from some other leader. Much of what Mormons teach in the way of rules is merely hearsay. You could easily do what you please, you just don't for fear of others.
I think a lot of members do
Women often wear panties/knickers when they have their periods, and as I said elsewhere in the thread, some non-Americans wear the bra under the top. You have more latitude than you think but are always hampered by being shamed and embarrassed by other members. And worse yet, there is often no defining word by leadership.
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One of the temple matrons told me that there was no rule, just the idea of second skin. She also told me to do what I felt comfortable in. She mentioned that garments are better than they used to be,but hopefully they'd get better in the future.

She was 93 and just talking about how things had changed over the years, a couple of the other matrons joined our little talk. Most agreed that garmies were more of a personal thing. One of the middle aged matrons got a little huffy and the older matron told her "Sister, if it were THAT important, I'm sure there would be guidance from above on it." They were pretty cool.

But this ins't the MOrador either.... :)

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