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Dan Peterson - Mormon Apologist A Eulogy

Tal Bachman June 2012

For many ex-Mormons, the name of Dan Peterson elicits contempt. Maybe this is unfair. Maybe Dan, in person, is a great guy. But Dan has created, and then nursed, a very off-putting public persona for many years. Mormon head-counters will never know how many people struggling with their faith might have returned to church if, instead of being sarcastically berated by this so-called "defender of the church" for merely raising a concern in an online forum, they were heard out, patiently, or sensitively engaged. But, that was not Dan's style, at least in public. His own need to fuel his vanity by belittling others was always far more important to him than, say, a Christian duty to lovingly regather the lost sheep. For Dan, no matter what he enjoyed telling himself, it was only ever about him, and his own desperate need to feel smart, important, and powerful, at the expense of others.

"Mormon Studies Review" has been suspended, Danny Peterson is gone

steve benson June 2012

So acknowledges the Maxwell Institute in a news release dated 22 June 2012:

"The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship is continually striving to align its work with the academy's highest objectives and standards, as befits an organized research unit at Brigham Young University. . . .

"To better serve these goals, last year we renamed our venerable FARMS Review to Mormon Studies Review. For many years the FARMS Review has filled an important niche in the intellectual life of its many readers under the vigorous editorship of Professor Daniel C. Peterson and his associates .

Mormon Mall City Creek profits go tax free to the Prophet

by StillAnon May 2012

KUTV in SLC says the profits from the condo sales, mall leases, etc., go to the non- profit, tax exempt part of the church. Couldn't have seen this coming.

Church falsifies US membership numbers for national survey

Simon in Oz May 2012

According to a Peggy Fletcher Stack article in the Salt Lake Tribune, the LDS Church has grown by 45% in the last decade or about 4.5% per year. What an utterly amazing growth rate! But it is completely false. Two days later the church admits "an error" after all the media has already used the misleading information. It takes more faith to believe in the Mormon Church's statisticians than the Mormon prophets. Easter Campaign - they sent me an email

by exmollymo Apr 2012

Mormon Church Easter Advertising Campaign - April 6-8, 2012 The amount of deception on their part infuriates me!

Mormon Church Strengthening The Members Committee...

by Stumbling Mar 2012

In the recent BBC TV programme 'The Mormon Candidate', Reporter Michael Sweeney gained two senior confirmations of the current existence of this secretive (oops...sacred) sub-organisation within the Mormon Church. The two people directly asked about this secret Committee were Elder Jeffrey Holland and Senior Church PR Manager Michael Purdy.

Utah ranks No. 1 in terms of the number of residents contemplating suicide

by Changed Man Mar 2012

"Recently, the Center for Disease Control revealed that Utah ranks No. 1 in terms of the number of residents contemplating suicide. The Utah Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Program reported that Utah has the eighth highest rate of suicide for adults in the nation, and suicide is the second leading cause of death for Utahns ages 15- 19.

This just in: new tithing slips Feb 2012

By Dallin A. Chokes

Printed on the slip: "Though reasonable efforts will be made globally to use donations as designated, all donations become the Church's property and will be used at the Church's sole discretion to further the Church's overall mission." So, the days when you thought you could give to a good cause (i.e., NOT tithing) and hope it would end up somewhere good (Perpetual Education? Fast Offerings?) are now over. Here's my money...let's hope you do something good with it.

Prominent National Jewish leader calls on LDS church to stop dead-dunking Holocaust Jews

by steve benson Feb 2012

My personal friend, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith Abraham Foxman, explains what must be done to stop this ghoulish Mormon practice of dead-dunking not only Jews but other non-Mormons, as well:

1) desist from further necro-dunking of Holocaust Jewish victims; and
2) abandon the Mormon doctrine of necro-dunking altogether.

ABC 4 SLC reporting "Number of faithful Mormons rapidly declining"

by josephsmyth Feb 2012

Apparently their only response is to double down on manipulating Mormons back into the fold to rake in the $$$$ so they can buy up more Main Streets, Condo's and Shopping Malls in their continued efforts to turn Downtown SLC into a Mormon theme park, complete with a fairy castle for faithful sheep to take their pictures in front of when they get brainwashed in the International House of Handshakes.