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Mormon Tithing estimated at $7 billion per year


Quite a good article. Takes financial disclosure required in countries such as Canada, UK, Australia and projects tithing at $7 billion per annum.

Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS

Cactus Jim Jan. 2013

Back about the year 2000 Flora Jessop was just starting her career publicly fighting the FLDS. Her 14 year old sister was about to leave Colorado City and Flora was trying to help her. But Ruby was lured back under false pretenses and she disappeared off our Radar screens. Flora came on this exmo BB and asked for help putting Ruby's picture on the internet. The result was the website

BYU 25 -- censorship at the Y new

Jesus Smith Nov. 2012

The thought police are alive and well in Utah.
The Obedience Cult rears its ugly face.

The Genetic Catastrophe That Has Sprung from Polygamy

steve benson Nov. 2012

--Letting the Genetic Genie Out of the Bottle: God Commands the Mormon Church to Enter Into Biologically-Destructive Practice of Polygamy

Insider Info on 18 year old Missionaries

justrob Oct 2012

So my brother-in-law was beaming today to announce to the family that his father-in-law was actually one of the few people on the committee that decided to make the new mission age 18.
[Admin note: This is not verified, but believed to be accurate. See discussion inside.]

Some fun facts:

Big-Stick Media Hits the Twede Excommunication Story-New York Times Weighs In. .

steve benson

"Editor of Web Site May Face Mormon Excommunication"
by Laurie Goodstein,
"New York Times"
21 September 2012

Church publishes 2011 Financial Accounts in the UK.

Stumbling Sep 2012

Please find below excerpts and quotes from the published Financial Accounts for the Church in the UK.

Membership - 188,029 (2010 - 187,436)
Convert Baptisms = 1,738

Operating costs increased to £46,739,000 (2010 - £35,998,000)
£5,459,000 donated to 'parent company'.

Unconfirmed Reports Re Monson, Alzheimer's and Internal High-Level Manuevering

steve benson Jul-Aug 2012

Word has come to me from an individual and long-time contact (identity protected here) who appears to be giving some degree of credence to rumors that Thomas S. Monson may be suffering from Alzheimer's' disease.

Utah #1 most depressed state, #7 in suicide rate.

politicaljunkie Aug 2012

Depression and suicide rates state by state.
"Utah was the most depressed state." 7th highest in suicide.

Mormon Church's exagerated membership claim in Brazil

Luke June 2012

The results of the Brazilian 2010 Census were released today.

And lo and behold: self-identified Mormons in Brazil are only 226.509 !

And the cult boasts over 1 million! LOL