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Living History: Mormonism Isn’t Only Religion to Admit Mistakes of Past

steve benson and Pat Bagley Dec. 2013

"The policy banning people of African ancestry from the Mormon priesthood until 1978 was a mistake. The LDS Church made the admission last week and placed the blame at the feet of Brigham Young for being a man of his times. Theories of black inferiority were almost universally held by white America in 1852, when Young formalized the policy."

Mormon church explains past ban on black priests (AP news story)

jazzskeeter Dec. 2013

Here's a part of the article:

"The ban ended in 1978, but in the 35 years since then, the church had never given an official explanation for the reasons behind the ban or addressed the once widely held notion that blacks were spiritually inferior

I'm confused. Was the Ban on Blacks god's will? new

thingsithink Dec. 2013

This new statement has me confused. I understand all the reasons the church now rejects for the ban - pre-existence, mark of cain, etc.

But, I don't understand if the ban was god's will. The revelation allowing blacks to have the priesthood didn't say anything about the whole thing being a mistake.

The Church not Only Threw Brigham Young under the bus but older members

SECular Priest Dec. 2013

As a youth and a young adult I spent time defending the Church position on the Priesthood Ban. That was what we were taught through God's prophets. To get a temple recommend you had to answer the question do you sustain the current profit. "Well yes!" There was no question in any body's mind this was the will of God.

Whew! Less Valiant Daughter is now VALIANT!

Anon for This Dec. 2013

The recent article on the reversal of the ban of those "cursed with dark skin" (black) makes me literally shake.

Five years ago we adopted a little girl with dark skin. The adoption agency (not LDS Social Services) contacted us, letting us know that The Ensign was looking for a family to model for an article on adoption they were printing and that they had given them our number.

David O. McKay's Faith-Promoting Volcano Tale Blows Up in His Face . . . new

steve benson Oct. 2013

Did a Lava-Hot Attraction Between President McKay and Secretary Middlemiss Put an Inconvenient Cork in This Inspirationally Fiery Story?

Christopher Michael Jensen and LDS Inc. - lawsuit. BIG ONE

Susan I/S Oct. 2013

MARTINSBURG - A lawsuit filed in Berkeley County against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, and local church officials accuses church leaders of covering up allegations that the son of local church officials sexually abused 12 children over the course of more than five years. ...the suit alleges that the church, through its leaders, has tried to intimidate the families of the children suing the church and has allegedly directed fellow church members to try to convince them to abandon their claims "lest they run afoul of church teachings regarding forgiveness,

The Internet is Destroying Mormonism


Superb succinct 6:30 minute YouTube clip that summarizes how it's all falling apart AND the Swedish "Rescue" transcript.

Notes of June 23 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast

jiminycricket June 2013

While streaming the broadcast live on my windows media player, I sat at my wonderful new IBM clicky-keyboard and wrote the following. Every so often I would get bored and would look over to the video to see the deathly panic in the eyes of the apostles speaking. This was truly a VERY BORING - UNINSPIRING BROADCAST.

Called to be a Chapel Missionary

pewsitter June 2013

A Mormon disabled friend called me today. He and his wife had a meeting with their SP [stake president] last night. is SP told them the church was starting a new missionary program where the missionaries would be at the chapel every day giving tours of the building, lessons to investigators and less active members.